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Navicat Premium – Cross Database Administrator Management Tool


After posting Navicat For Mysql and Navicat For Oracle administration tools, Navicat has released Navicat Premium, a flexible cross database administrator tools to manage or connect Mysql, PostgreSQL and Oracle databases simultaneously under one centralized database administration tool.

navicat premium - cross database administrator tool

With Navicat Premium, database administrator can connected multiple kinds of database easily. Meanwhile, the SQL connections between two hosts is well protection with strong authentication and secure encrypted communications by using SSH tunneling connection. Plus more, the authentication method can use a password or public / private key pair.

The best part of Navicat premium is the database migration features, which you can drag and drop tables from Oracle to MySQL, PostgreSQL to MySQL and vice versa. or to a plain text file with designated SQL format and encoding. Meanwhile, you can transfer database data between different servers across various database platfrom.

Beside that, other advanced Navicat premium features is the database backup scheduling operations that able backup database automatically with email notification. Plus more, the backup schedule email notification also attached with printed batch job report so that you can share your data easily.

Beside database administrator tools, Navicat Premium comes with well-designed visual builder / editor to assist database programmer performs various database function such as Stored Procedure, Event, Trigger, Function, View, etc across Oracle, Mysql and PostgreSOL database system. Meanwhile, other SQL tools like SQL console, SQL preview, Query Editor and visual database report builder also included to ease database programming task.

windows navicat premium

Other Database Features of Navicat Premium:

  • Data and Structure Synchronization – You can transfer data from one database to another with detailed analytical process. Likewise, you can compare and modify the table structures. For both Data and Structure Synchronization, the target database can be on the same server as the source or on another server.
  • Print Schema / Table Structure – Present the schema / table definition by printing their structures in Navicat. Understand the respective object structure fully at a glance.
  • Import data from up to 11 most popular formats including MS Access, MS Excel, XML, HTML, TXT and CVS
  • Powerful database security management Navicat provides users a visual tool for user management. You can easily add, duplicate, delete users, and edit global user privileges, and grant privileges on the selected databases and objects.

For those who work cross-database, Navicat Premium is definitely must-have database management software that removes all the headache of working with multiple applications & compatibility problems between databases. Plus more, this Navicat premium is definitely the best cross database management tools on the market i have see before.

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