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Pagefile.sys – How to remove Pagefile.sys from Windows


Pagefile.sys, a windows system files act as a virtual memory extension of a computer’s real memory RAM. Normally pagefile sys is 1.5 times than your actual physical memory size and might consume a huge disk space of your computer hard drive space.

But the benefit of pagefile sys is allowing your computer’s operating system pretend that you have more RAM than you actually do and run the windows application smoother. However, i would advise you remove pagefile.sys and save up your disk space if you have a huge memory ram to support your windows application which disable paging or remove pagefile sys might not effect your computer.

However, if you have low memory less than 256mb and turning off or remove your pagefiles or virtual memory. Then it will be a disaster for your windows and you might feel latency and struggle for multatasking on your windows.

Here’s how to remove pagefile.sys from Windows :

1. Go to Control Panel and run System.
2. Click on Advanced tab and click the Settings button on Performance.

remove pagefile.sys and turn off virtual memory
3. Click on Advanced tab again and click on the Change button.
4. Select “No paging file” and click the Set button if you want to remove pagefile.sys.
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