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Passcape ISO Burner – Portable ISO Burner for Windows 7 & Windows 8

Passcape ISO Burner Burn ISO option

Passcape ISO Burner is another ISO Burner freeware that lets you burn ISO Image files to CD / DVD / USB. Besides using as desktop application, Passcape ISO burner also run act portable applications on USB drive or pen drive. Plus more, Passcape ISO Burner allows you create bootable disk or bootable USB drive from ISO images that stored at your computer. Example of the bootable USB disk are WinPE, BartPE or Reset Windows Password.

Overall Passcape ISO burner has a very simple interface to burn ISO images. The entire process of ISO image burning can be done via their wizard. There are the ISO burning options available:

Passcape ISO Burner Burn ISO option

  • Burn ISO to CD / DVD: Simply write the contents of an ISO file to a CD/DVD including boot specification.
  • Burn ISO to CD / DVD using external CD Burning Program: This feature is used when you want to burn a CD/DVD using some other program and for this feature to work you need to have program associated with ISO extension.
  • Create Bootable USB Disk: This feature lets you create a bootable USB drive from an ISO image.
  • Unpack ISO image to disk folder: Using this feature you can extract out the contents of an ISO file to a local folder.

Once you have choose ISO burning option, you need to choose storage device to store the ISO image content and click “Burn” button to start the ISO image burning process. Similar steps to be followed for creating a bootable USB or Unpacking the ISO file.

Meanwhile, this Free ISO Burner to USB also automatically picks up the the boot-specification from ISO itself and if there is no boot-specification available then the program notifies you about that and then asks whether to continue.

Overall, Passcape is simple ISO burner allows novice user can burn ISO images without any computer knowledge required. Finally, Passcape ISO Burner worked fine on Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

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