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Remove Fake Antivirus Program

Remove Fake antivirus

Fake Antivirus (FakeAV) threats have been rampant in the past few years and too many fake antivirus antivirus programs have infected millions of PCs and are continuously spreading worldwide. Most of the fake antivirus program is known as rogue security software or Scareware.

These fake antivirus programs are the type of viruses / malware, which disguise themselves to be security programs. They will produce fake alert warnings on how bad your computer has been infected (even though your computer is actually clean) and urge you to purchase the full commercial version of the fake antivirus to remove the so-called unwanted viruses or malware.

If your Windows computer is infected by Rogue Virus Infection or fake antivirus program, below are two remove antivirus software that allows user to delete fake antivirus Software permanently from your computer.

ESET Rogue Application Remover (ERA)

Eset Rogue application remover


This free remove fake antivirus program has been designed to remove rogue applications from a Windows system and to remove changes that they have made to the operating system’s Registry.  This removal program is a portable (no need to install) program which is compatible with XP, Vista and Windows 7.

However, It’s preferable run the fake antivirus removal on computer safe mode. To Run ESET Rogue application remover, simply right click on the executable file, then choose “Run as Administrator”.  ESET Rogue Applications Remover’s does not require an active Internet connection to scan a system for malware, but will be limited in its detection efficiency in this case. So, it’s preferable connect your computer to the internet on computer safe mode as ESET Rogue Application Remover can better and accurately detect the rogue security software. Moreover, the detected files can be submitted automatically to ESET’s viruslab online.

Several command line switches are available that the program can be run with. This includes options to restore changes using the /r switch or /? to display the help file listing all supported command line switches.

Download ESET Rogue Application Remover


Remove Fake antivirus

Remove Fake Antivirus

Remove Fake Antivirus has the capabilities to scan your system for rogue security software. It can scan and remove big number of fake antivirus applications like Cyber Security, Braviax, Alpha Antivirus, Green AV, Windows Protection Suite, Total Security 2009, Windows System Suite, Personal Antivirus, Anti-Virus-1, Spyware Guard 2008, System Guard 2009, Antivirus 2009, System Security, Antivirus 2010 ((all of them are fake antivirus which are viruses or trojans).

A simple click on start button will start the entire rogue security software programs from removing program from the computer system. The remove fake antivirus program will stop all Windows running processes first and then removing all those fake antivirus programs.

Meanwhile, There is a huge list of fake antivirus program that this remove fake antivirus program can be removed. You can check it out the developer site.

Download Remove Fake Antivirus

If the fake antivirus software can’t clearly remove from computer, you can try using anti spyware software like Super anti spyware or malwarebytes.

If you know other remove fake antivirus software should include on above list, let us know and share with our readers.