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Remove Windows Bonjour (mdnsresponder.EXE) with Bonjour Au revoir


Bonjour is a small windows application that runs on your windows background. As Bonjour will be appears if you have installed apple or adobe software on your computer which responsible for the process mdnsresponder.exe that appears in the Windows Task Manager.  Or you can identify the services under bonjour folder under windows program files folder.

What is Bonjour

Bonjour basically is a services discovery protocol that implement by apple to detect network devices and services that publish on local IP networks. However, Bonjour services or mdnsresponders.exe doesn’t  necessary require on your windows which doesn’t suite any purpose. Plus more, the activation of mdnsresponder.exe ( Bonjour services ) will only wasting your computer memory only even doesn’t consume much computer memory.

So if you really are not going to need Bonjour there an easy way to eliminate it by using Bonjour Au revoir, a small application that will scan the disk looking for any silver lining to remove Bonjour services.

remove bonjour mdnsresponder with bonjour au revoir

The Bonjour Au revoir program will directly executed and scans the windows system for traces of the Bonjour service and uninstalls them if found.

Bonjour Au revoir Program is compatible with Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows Vista.

Download Bonjour Au revoir

Updates: Bonjour Au ReVoir can’t be download anyware.

However, i able to find another alternative software  (35KB TurnOffBonjour.exe) that turns off and removes Bonjour service. But, it will not remove the Bonjour folder from Program Files. You will still need to manually delete the Bonjour folder after restart. The reason why you’re advised to delete the folder after restart is in case there’s a problem, the Bonjour files are still there for you to restore.