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Send Fax On Windows – Free Windows Fax Software


Here is free Windows fax software list that allows windows user sending fax via computer without physical fax machines. All you need is a scanner machine to scan your documents. Then with the help of Fax software you can send fax to your contacts easily without having a fax machine. Using free Windows fax software you can also can manage your documents.

Best Free Windows Fax software List:

32bit Fax – Free Windows Fax Software

32Bit - Free Windows Fax Software

32bit Fax is free Windows fax software feature rich, which takes full advantage of the Windows 95/98/NT. It not only sends files created under its control but also those of other programs. Any file being sent can be monitored and its status changed. His address book keeps an updated list of regular recipients; their names can be sorted and grouped to facilitate mass mailings. Planning issue times, the choice to keep in the queue, saves or automatically print faxes that arrive are all options. Not to mention several notification options.

32bit Fax will quickly mastered thanks to the presence of an assistant. Its setup program automatically detects the modem used, and takes into account data on the device and necessary for the transmission of faxes. 32bit Fax manages impressions like any other Windows program. It gives the user the choice of paper size, font and resolution. A complete OCR characters, an integrated text editor, automatic fax reception are among the many functions which has 32bit Fax.

Fax Machine

Fax machine

With Fax Machine, if you already have a scanner and you are connected to the Internet, you will not need to invest in a fax to send fax in your documents.

Fax machine is simple free Windows fax software that will allow you to send faxes from your computer but also to receive via your modem. All you need to do to ask Fax Machine to start scanning the document that you have previously inserted into your scanner. There you have to do is click on Send faxes and that will be played.

Fax Machine can run directly on Windows startup and a well thought out interface that makes using it very intuitive. It is easily configurable and can even be used to print documents directly from any application received. Fax Machine can generate a printable report of all faxes sent and received.



Skype is software for VoIP and instant messaging. It is specialized in video conferencing but lacks a feature nevertheless very useful in the professional world, sending faxes. Fill up, then this gap with the program PamFax. PamFax integrates with Skype and allows sending the scanned documents to a very affordable price.

Sending these scanned documents is very simple and you can of course also receive faxes. You are informed of the arrival of new messages and new fax. PamFax is used both to transmit files from MS Office, Open Office, AutoCAD, or images. These documents can be directly converted to PDF from PamFax. The program then adds a very useful function to your Skype.

By default, Windows also bundle with their own windows fax software called as Microsoft Fax, offers entire fax capability from a computer. You may arrange fax settings, launch and accept faxes, path and check fax action. By Fax, you may decide to launch and receive your faxes through a fax device connected to your pc.

Try your luck with these tools to send fax at cheap rates. Although some software applications mentioned above are extremely useful, their UI prevents them from being as useful as intended. If you just need a simple free fax software, try PamFax.

If you’re no interested on above free windows fax software download list, you can check out the free online fax services post. Most of online fax services can works pretty much like desktop free Windows fax software.