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Sequel Pro – Mac OSX Mysql Management Tool

sequelpro - free mac mysql management tool

Sequel Pro, free Mac OSX MySQL management tool that help mac user manage, edit and viewing Mysql database and Mysql connection easily on Mac OSX platform. This free Mac Mysql management tools offers full table management (including indexes), supports MySQL views, imports / exports from SQL/CSV files & compatible with MySQL 3 / 4 / 5 /5.5 databases. Plus more, this mac mysql management tool is ready for Mac Mountain lion, leopard and newer.

sequelpro - free mac mysql management tool

This free Mac Mysql management tools able to connect multiple databases at the same time. Each mysql instance will be presents a new window and automatic syntax highlighting for your custom queries, supports more than 30 different encoding options & much more.

Meanwhile, Sequal Pro menu options also perform table maintenance such as analysing, checking, flushing, repairing and optimizing. Plus more, it also allows you to flush user privileges. Sequel Pro also offer ‘Query Favourites,’ allowing you to store commonly used queries. Sequel Pro just uses a single drop down box again to select the query. Querious takes this further allowing multiple collections of favorite queries, giving each one a name. This allows you to group common queries by tasks or databases.

On Query, Sequel Pro support query histories, allowing you to click and see previous queries you’ve run. Sequel Pro does this with a drop down list to select a previous query. Unfortunately, this mac management app allows you to go back and forth in the query history via keyboard short cuts.

Besides that, MySQL Mac Admin also bundles third party functionality to Sequel Pro. They are easy to write and you can choose your own language — Ruby, Python, PHP or BASH.

Sequel Pro Mac MySQL Mac client also support SSH tunnel connections besides standard local & remote connections for reaching databases behind firewalls. Overall, this Mysql management software doesn’t offer

Download; Sequel Pro- Free Mac Mysql Management Tool