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TinySpell – A free Spell Checker for any Windows Application


Whenever you are typing out your documents in Microsoft Word you used to check and correct your spellings by the MS Word inbuilt spell checker. However, it happens many times that we miss the spell checker in many other windows application that does not include their own spell checker. For example, you can take Windows notepad, such a light application which is quite handy for note taking. But, it misses its own spell checker which could have eased you to quickly check and correct any spelling without launching your word processor. This is when TinySpell comes in.


TinySpell is a small and light weight free utility that enables you to check and correct the spelling in any windows application. Even you can check spelling by typing anywhere in windows for example you can do in windows explorer search box. After you have installed TinySpell, it is always active in your system tray without exploiting much of your system resources. It watches you on the fly and alerts you with a beep whenever it detects a misspelled word.


To correct a misspelled word you may click the icon as shown above or click on the TinySpell system tray icon or press the hot-key for the suggested replacement words. You can easily change the settings from the Settings Panel of the TinySpell by right clicking on the tray icon. You can also change the hot-keys according to your choice.

tinyspell- settings panel

TinySpell allows you to specify the applications for which TinySpell is enabled or disabled. By default it is enabled for all windows applications.


From the settings, you can disable the irritating beep sound. Also, using the Ctrl+[ hotkey you can easily access to the online web services like Web search, Dictionary, Thesaurus and Wikipedia. Like most word processors, you can also add your own words to the dictionary so that it is not marked incorrect by the spell checker as type in.


At the end, TinySpell is a great spell checker and its worth trying it out. It is must have for windows users who face trouble with spelling mistakes while chatting or doing a bit of editing in Notepad. The only problem with this application free version is that it does not indicate about your spelling errors once you have ignored a mistake in continuous flow. It only notifies for errors as you type.  Hence, you can correct only your recent spelling mistake. To incorporate aforementioned ability you have to upgrade to the paid version. The paid version has many more additional features.  Overall, the free version is still a handy and light spell checking tool for windows users.

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