Steam Mover: Move Installed Windows Applications To Other Drives

There are times when you may need more space on your system drive or windows drive by default which is set to C:\. In this situation only option left is uninstalling some applications which may not be possible for many users as there may be important applications for daily use. By default Windows does not provide any options to move installed applications from default drive to another drive, doing so manually may leave the applications useless. Steam Mover can help in situations like this.

Stream Mover

Stream Mover is a portable windows freeware application for Windows 7 and Vista that can move installed Windows applications from one hard drive to another without hampering its functionality or registry entries.

How Steam Mover Works

  • Run the application and you will find the main window on which you have to work upon.
  • In the Stream apps common folder you have to put the folder in which your applications are installed. The alternative folder is the path where the programs have to be moved.
  • Once the source and destination folders are set you can use the arrow button to move the application in between the folders.

Download Steam Mover – Move Installed Windows Applications To Other Drives