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FREE Bootable AntiVirus Rescue CDs Download List

avira rescue system

Bootable AntiVirus Rescue CD is a form of bootable antivirus CD source that perform scans and removes computer virus without booting computer operating system first. Most of bootable Rescue CD builds are build based on Linux Live CD distribution, which load a simple operating system to scan malware threads without writing any system files on your hard drive.

Why Bootable Antivirus Rescue CD is Useful?

Bootable antivirus Rescue CD solution is the most effective way to remove the virus, trojan and malware because it can track down viruses, trojans and other malware are embedded so tightly into your operating system, which cannot be detected or removed by antivirus software running in that system. Plus more, some of the antivirus rescue CDs even integrates with utilities tools such as hard disk partition software, Rootkit scanner and other system tasks.

Since there are many antivirus companies providing antivirus rescue CD for free. Below is the free bootable rescue CD download list, which allows you download and burn Antivirus Bootable ISO images using burning software.

Free Antivirus Rescue CD Download List:

Kaspersky Rescue CD

Kaspersky Rescue Disk - bootable antivirus

Kaspersky Rescue Disk consider the most popular bootable antivirus equipped with their latest Kaspersky Antivirus, which you can perform virus scanning and remove viruses before booting your operating system. However, kaspersky Rescue Disk has disadvantage which the kaspersky virus definitions cannot be updated. This mean any kaspersky virus definition update requires downloading full boot disk and burned to CD again.

Updates: The latest Kaspersky Rescue Disk has been improved a lot. The most important is Kaspersky Rescue disk now support online virus definition update once the computer is attaching to internet access.

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BitDefender Rescue CD

Bitdefender Rescue Disk

Great antivirus rescue disk equips with their latest BitDefender antivirus scanning engines (ICSA Labs certified). Meanwhile, BitDefender Rescue Disk can automatically update its virus definition if you computer is connecting to Internet access.

BitDefender Rescue CD also bundles many useful third party utilities such as ChkRootkit for scanning for rootkis, Nessus Network Scanner as remote network security scanner, Mozilla Firefox, Partition Image, GtkRecover and etc to improve productivity of rescue disk.

Guide: How to Create Bootable BitDefender Rescue Disk CD

F-Secure Rescue CD

F-Secure Rescue Disk loading screen

F-Secure rescue CD provides basic antivirus, malware and rookits scanning features only. But the F-Secure Virus definition databases can be updated via two methods either is using internet connection on computer or updated manually by using a USB drive.

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Avira Antivir Rescue Disk

avira rescue system

Avira is a Linux Rescue CD is a bootable antivirus which can help you repair damaged system, perform data recovery or scan virus infections on system. Meanwhile,  Avira AntiVir Rescue System also updating several times a day (contains virus definitions VDF) so that the most recent security updates are always available.

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Trinity Rescue Kit CD

Trinity Rescue Kit

Trinity Rescue Kit CD is a bootable antivirus comes with 4 different antivirus products such as ClamAV, AVG, F-Prot, and BitDefender integrated in a single uniform command line with online virus update capability. Plus more, there are a lot of system utilities on Trinity Rescue CD such as windows password resetting, disk partition software and etc.

Download Trinity Rescue Kit CD

AVG Rescue CD – Bootable AVG Antivirus CD / USB

AVG Rescue CD menu

AVG rescue CD is portable AVG anti-virus version, which runs as bootable CD or bootable USB flash drive. This rescue CD equips with AVG Antivirus and AVG Anti Spyware to scan and removes computer virus without booting operating system first. Consider the best tool to recover those malfunction Windows and Linux operating systems (FAT32 and NTFS file systems) that attacked by virus and spyware.

Meanwhile, Administrator toolset on AVG rescue disk are Windows Registry editor, TestDisk utility for data recovering and lost partitions, file browser for navigating folders, and Ping tool for basic network diagnostics.

Guide: How to create bootable AVG Rescue CD / USB

Shardana Antivirus Rescue Disc Utility

bootable shardana antivirus rescue disk screen

Shardana Antivirus Rescue Disc Utility (Shardu) is a bootable antivirus rescue CD utility that integrates with multiple antivirus rescue disks, useful utilities, linux live CDs and also Windows PE under one bootable disc. Besides burning as bootable rescue disc, Shardana Antivirus Rescue Disc Utility also can be extract into USB flash drive as bootable USB drive.

This multiple antivirus rescue disc utility can consider as great computer troubleshooting tools if your computer can’t be start. It comes with a lot of computer features like hard disk partitioning, hard disk defragment, data backup, data shredder, hard disk cloning, password recovery, antivirus scanning, computer boot fixing, restore computer boot program and other advanced utility.

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Dr Web Live Bootable Antivirus CD

Dr Web Live CD bootable antivirus  CD

Dr.Web LiveCD is another wonderful bootable antivirus rescue CD act as standalone emergency aid toolkits to clean up virus and malicious file out from your operating system or backup all important files to other storage directory.

Once you choose boot up Dr Web LiveCD GUI mode, it will automatically detect all available disk drives available on computer and connect to the local network, if available. Plus more, Dr.Web LiveCD also supports updating of the virus database and can be used to send suspicious files to the virus laboratory.

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