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Create Bootable BitDefender USB Rescue Disk


After cover “Create Kaspersky USB Rescue Disk” posts, here is another tutorial “Create Bootable BitDefender usb Rescue Disk” with BitDefender Rescue Disk using Universal USB Installer,  a windows Live Linux USB Creator that allows you install BitDefender Rescue Disk into your USB Flash Drive.

What is Bitdefender Rescue Disk USB?

BitDefender Rescue Disk is a bootable antivirus operating system using latest BitDefender virus scan engine to scan your computer for any virus or malware thread without loading the Windows operating system. It’s very useful on any time your operating system is not working properly because of virus infections. At the same time, BitDefender Rescue CD can be used to restore your valuable data when you cannot boot Windows. Plus more,  BitDefender Rescue Disk has ability to automatically update its virus definition.

Creating bootable BitDefender USB rescue disk is simple. All you need is a computer with an internet access to download Universal USB installer and BitDefender Rescue Disk ISO image files plus physical USB flash drive (Greater than 512MB). So, below is the tutorial step that allows you create bootable BitDefender USB Rescue Disk.

How to Create BitDefender USB Rescue Disk on USB Flash Drive:

  1. Download BitDefender USB Rescue Disk ISO image  (Latest version – BitDefender Rescue CD 2013 ISO image)
  2. Download Universal USB Installer
  3. Run the Universal USB Installer exe and select the last option from the dropdown menu “Try Some Other Live Linux ISO“. Then allocate BitDefender Rescue Disk ISO file and select the required USB device driver from the drop-down menu. Universal USB Installer
  4. Lastly press “Create” button. Then wait until process completed.

How to Boot Kaspersky USB Rescue Disk:

  1. Plug in Bootable BitDefender USB Rescue Disk into Computer USB port and boot the computer bios by loading USB port first.
  2. Once BitDefender USB Rescue Disk loaded, a main message will appear on the screen: Select the language you want to use for the Rescue CD from the available list.
  3. Then you will enter the main BitDefender Rescue Disk page.
    BitDefender USB Rescue Disk
    Once enter, you can start scanning your computer for the virus or use other utilities to perform other task. However, it’s advisable that you update the latest virus definition first before scanning your computer virus.

This bootable bitdefender usb rescue is extremely useful for those computers don’t have CD DVD booting functionality.