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Free Malware Removal Tools to clean \ Remove Malware infections On Windows


Malware, A computer threats that designed to infiltrate or damage a computer system without the owner’s permission. But a lot of people really no understand what is Malware and knowing proper malware removal tools to clean up malware infection on Windows.

So what is malware ?

Malware is a general terms that unite the whole range of threats such as adware, spyware, threatware, badware, rogueware and scam extortion. Malware is something that should never be allowed to penetrate into a PC because no-one knows what purpose it prosecutes. Malware can display innocent pop-ups, but also steal identity and transmit sensitive private data to remote servers for later use by web criminals. Malware is used for achieving all kinds of goals, none of which you wish to be achieved.

Meanwhile, Malware can be placed on your machine in a number of ways. You can download what looks like an innocent program which carries malware inside it invisibly. You can receive a “greeting card” or other file from a buddy that contains a game or joke animation or it can be sent to you by exploiting security holes in Microsoft and other email programs.

So, here is a list of Malware removal tools freeware that i gather for cleaning malware infections purpose.

Malware Removal Tools to clean malware infection on Windows :

1. Comodo BOClean

Comodo BOClean protects your computer against trojans, malware and removes infected registry entries. Comodo BOClean will constantly automatically sweeps and detects your system plus intercepts any recognized threads activity.

The best part of Comodo BOClean can guide user what to do, or run in unattended mode and automatically shutdown and remove any suspected trojan application. Beside that, Comodo BOClean constantly updates their malware database updates

Download Comodo BOClean

2. NSIS Media Remover

NSIS Media Remover scans your computer and removes installed files and registry keys related to NSIS Media, a notorious malware parasite that serves advertising from your computer. The program can detect and remove 100+ dll files as well as CLSIDs, shell extensions and everything else related to the parasite.

Download NSIS Media Remover

3. Qoofix

Qoofix scans your system for the Qoologic malware Trojan and removes it if found. It uses advanced techniques to remove malicious modules that can hide Qoologic from many other removal tools.

Download Qoofix

4. ESET SysInspector

ESET SysInspector is a through malware scanner which allows you to see what kind of bugs and rootkits may be causing problems on your PC. It searches for just about anything you can think of that might damage your PC and checks with the ESET database and applies heuristics to assign a risk level for each object logged.

Download ESET SysInspector

5. SDFix Malware Remover

A command line malware remover that removes thousands of different types of malware , worms and Trojans. However, it doesn’t come with huge database. Here is the tutorial link : how to use SDFix Malware Remover

Download SDFix Malware Remover

Overall this malware removal tools that i mention will remove mostly malware threads over your computer. If you know what exactly is the cause of PC malfunctioning, that is, you have information about the types of malware and their locations, it’s much easier to find proper free malware removers. However, i hope the tools can really help up to remove malware from your PC 🙂