Create Bootable Windows Pre Installation Environment (PE) With AOMEI PE Builder

Aomei PE Builder - Bootable Windows PE

Creating bootable Windows pre installation environment has been easy with the help of AOMEI PE Builder software that enables you to boot up your computer for easy maintenance and fast recovery tasks when the native Windows system is corrupted or cannot be used.

What is Pre Installation Environment ?

The Pre Installation Environment is a simplified operating system based on a version of the Windows kernel that helps you install, deploy or repair Windows without having to install Windows Automated Installation Kit (WAIK).

Aomei PE Builder allows you to decide whether burn to create your bootable Windows disc or create a bootable Windows USB Flash drive or save the ISO file to the local hard drive. You only need the AOMEI PE Builder application itself and doesn’t required any third-party tools or Windows disc or ISO image burner. However, the software is only compatible with Windows 7 or newer on the client side and Windows Server 2008 R2 or newer on the server side.

Aomei PE Builder - Bootable Windows PE

Meanwhile, Aomei PE builder comes with a lot of common utility tools such as backup and recovery tool and partition tool, etc and also gives users the right to add tools or drivers as they want. For example: Aomei PE buider bundles with their two main core products: AOMEI Backupper and AOMEI Partition Assistant.

  1. AOMEI Backupper : Backup and restore the system, partition and / or the entire disk.
  2. AOMEI Partition Assistant : Full-featured disk partition management software under which a user can format, create, delete, move, resize and merge partitions.

Other utilities are File recovery software – Recuva, Sumatra PDF, 7-Zip. Network software: Filezilla and System tool like OSFMount and NTPWEdit

Bootable Windows PE

Since Aomei PE builder is based on Windows PE, the computer will automatically loads drivers and provides you with access to the Windows Desktop after booting into pre installation environment. The entire Windows interface includes Start Menu, a Windows Explorer and a taskbar as seen in all the versions of windows. it can be used for saving all the contents inside an ISO document and store it on your machine.

More info: How to Build Bootable Windows with AOMEI PE Builder

Download AOMEI PE Builder

Free Web Penetration Tools To Stress Test Web application

Burp Free Web Penetration Test

Here is a list of free web penetration testing tool that allows web application programmer or web security engineer to run penetration test on their own web applications. These web security stress test tool provides helps developers to build better and more secure web applications.

These web penetration testing tools is very useful due to most of websites have vulnerabilities that could lead to the theft of sensitive corporate data such as, credit card information and customer lists. Accessible 24/7 from anywhere in the world, insecure web applications provide easy access to backend corporate databases and also allow hackers to perform illegal activities using the compromised site.

Doing a security stress test or web penetration test on your web application is important. So, below is the free web penetration testing tools that worth to try out to stress test your web application security or find web application vulnerabilities.

Free Web Penetration Testing Tool list:

Burp Suite

Burp Free Web Penetration Test

Burp suite is an integrated web application security platform work seamlessly together to support the entire web application testing process, from initial mapping and analysis of an application’s attack surface to discover any security vulnerabilities.

Key features of Burp Suite:

  • Intercepting Proxy, which security application engineer inspect and modify traffic between your browser and the target application.
  • Application-aware Spider to crawl content and functionality.
  • Advanced web application Scanner automate the detection of numerous types of vulnerability.
  • Web Intruder tool to perform powerful customized attacks to find and exploit unusual vulnerabilities.
  • Web repeating tool to  manipulate and resending individual web requests.
  • Sequencer tool to test the randomness of session tokens.
  • The ability to save your work and resume working later.
  • Extensibility, allowing you to easily write your own plugins, to perform complex and highly customized tasks within Burp.

There are two version: free version and paid version. If you want more security testing functionality, you can consider the paid version, which it have more web penetration testing functionalities like Burp Intruder, Time-throttled demo, Burp Scanner, Save and Restore , Target Analyzer, Content Discovery and Task Scheduler. The paid version is very affordable, which cost 299 USD annually.

Download Burp Free version


Arachni - Free Web Penetration

Arachni is open source web penetration tools allows you to assess the security of web applications and monitoring and evaluate your web application’s behaviour. It using a simple command line scanner to performs meta-analysis using a number of web security factors and wide range of injection strings / input combinations in order to correctly assess the trustworthiness of results and intelligently identify (or avoid) false-positives. Plus more, Arachni also integrated with browser environment, which audit and inspect client-side code such as JavaScript, HTML5, DOM manipulation and AJAX.

Arachni web penetration also has a web user interface that allows multiple users to perform and manage multiple scans, which supports collaborative efforts between users to share scans and any issues they might have logged.

Visit Arachni – Open Source Web Penetration Tool

Zed Attack Proxy Project

Zed Attack Proxy

Zed Attack Proxy, an easy to use web penetration tools to scan security vulnerability finder for web applications. Its main goal is to allow easy penetration testing to find vulnerabilities in web applications. It is ideal for developers and functional testers as well as security experts.

The latest version of ZAP is able to runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS and requires Java 7.

Key features of Zed Attack Proxy features: Intercepting Proxy, Automated Scanner, Passive Scanner, Brute Force Scanner, Fuzzer, Port Scanner, Spider, Web Sockets and REST API.

Visit Zed Attack Proxy Project

Let us know if there are other free web penetration testing tool should include on the above list.

Disk Image and Drive Image Creator – DataNumen Disk Image Shot

Data Numen Disk Image Shot

Data Numen Disk Image shot , is a free Windows disk image or drive image creator utility offers various image functionality that allows Windows users clones their computer hard disk into disk image.

We always seen our hard drive is getting more and more bad sectors from time to time when our hard drive get older. This could potentially lead high hard disk failure rate and the loss of our valuable data on hard disk.

So, Data Numen Disk Image shot can be used as disk image clones software to clone your hard disk raw data from byte to byte completely into disk images files. In the future, the backup disk images can be useful for disaster data recovery and data forensics too.

Data Numen Disk Image Shot

Meanwhile, Data Numen Disk Image also can repair corrupt Image files and self extracting files. It can recover your data in corrupted image archives and store the clone or replica raw data of disk to another safety storage drive.

When come to forensic purposes, a forensic professionals can create a copy of the entire drive which works perfectly to another second computer. DataNumen Disk Image makes work more convenient by them to examine the data on their preferred devices.

DataNumen Disk Image also works well with DataNumen Outlook Repair, which it can recover outlook files raw data from disk image source and writing those recovered files on the second computer’s drive.

Overall Data Numen Disk Images features :

  • Clones multiple disks and drives at once i.e. by performing a batch operation.
  • Supports different kind of disk and drive formats.
  • Runs Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows NT, 98, 95 and Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2012 Operating System.
  • Disk utility for computer forensic and e-discovery task.
  • Replace damaged bad sectors with specified data files.

The best part of Data Numen Disk Image Shot is is a disk image freeware and can be download from here.

Visit Data Numen Disk Image Shot


Best Tweak SSD and SSD Management Software

Tweak SSD

If you’re using SSDs (Solid State Drive) hard drive inside your computer or notebook, here is some tweak SSD and SSD management software might help to manage and tweak SSD hard drive performance and setting up your operating system to better take advantage of your Solid State Drive.

Best Tweak SSD and SSD Management Software:

Tweak SSD – SSD Tweak Software

Tweak SSD


Tweak SSD is a special software designed for Windows 7 & Windows 7 SSD ‘drives’ (Solid State Drives) optimization. It offers a simple user interface to fine tune SSD drives system setting and advice user with red-green switch buttons that indicate the best SSD setting for your system, makes it easy to use even for the regular Window user.

Any user can download Tweak SSD for trial run or buy the software at 14.90USD.

SSD Tweaker – SSD Tweak Utility

SSD Tweaker

SSD Tweaker is a major time saver to tweak SSD hard drive and modify Windows system setting for SSD performance from a single user interface.

There are free and Pro (paid) versions, the free SSD Tweaker version lets you optimize like use large system cache, NTFS memory usage, disable boot tracing, Windows Prefetcher, Windows Indexing Service, Windows Defrag and DIPM Enable Support.

For the pro SSD tweaker version, you will get free version functionality and additional features like  Hibernation Settings, tweak Windows Services and TRIM Optimization.

SSD Life – SSD Management Software 

SSD Life

SSD Life is a simple SSD management software by using a special algorithm to calculate how much data was written and read during the SSD drive’s lifetime. Of course, the date of the lifetime expiration is corrected depending on how intensively you keep using your drive.

Meanwhile, SSD Life will provides you the entire SSD drive information from general (manufacturer, model) to technical (whether your drive/system supports TRIM).

AS SSD – SSD Benchmarking Tool

AS SSD - SSD Benchmarking Tool

AS SSD is a simple SSD benchmarking software to see exactly how fast their SSD drive reads and writes data. This SSD benchmarking tool is similar like the trusted CrystalDiskMark, which it shows users all the relevant SSD information that they would require.

SSD Manufacturer Toolkits

Some SSD manufacturers give users to option to monitor and manage their SSDs via their own software. Just like what you’d see with other computer components. Here are a few examples of such SSD management software:

Intel SSD Management Software

OCZ SSD Management Software

Samsung SSD Management Software

Corsair SSD Management Software

Other SSD Tweak information that worth to read: 

1. SSD Optimization Guide

2. Windows 7 SSD Tweaking Guide

Share with us if you know other tweak SSD information or SSD tweak software that included on above.

Free Mac Password Manager To Secure Password Info

Keepass X Mac Password Management Free

Password manager application is a security password management software that provides virtual vault to store your login password information pertaining to email, application or other confidential stuff. This password manager application can help to remember various passwords being used in daily life. Meanwhile, a far easier and more convenient way of keeping your passwords both safe and secure is to use a password storage utility, which can be accessed with a single master password.

Over here, we will explain some of best password manager for mac, which allows create and maintain a secure, encrypted database of all your passwords on Mac OSX platform. Some of the password program for Mac are lightweight application and portable. Besides that, The password managers on below list have a variety of benefits that will make your computing life easier and more secure:

  • Encrypting passwords and data using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
  • Automatically and securely logging into websites as you’re surfing
  • Browser auto-fill for your personal info, so you can make quick work of shopping or registration
  • Helping you generate customizable, secure passwords so they’re not easily cracked
  • Backing up and restoring your passwords so you aren’t up a creek if something happens to your machine

Mac Password Manager list:

Passlook – Mac Password Manager freeware

Passlook Free mac password manager


Passlock mac password manager doesn’t have killer look or elegant interface, but it’s easy to use and allows you encrypted password within few steps. When you launch mac password manager tool, a small interface with search box and buttons labelled Find, Add New, and Help. You can store any details such as website or application name, username, password, description and website address (if any) on Passlook.

All entered password will automatically copied to Windows clipboard, letting you instantly paste it into the required location, should you need to. There also an “Export All Passwords” options on Passlook mac password manager that allows you copies the entire password database to clipboard, allowing you to paste the data in a text editor.

Besides that, the application also allows to specify a master password to lock PassLook, so no one but can only accesses the passwords database. To specify the master password, simply click ‘Lock Program’ from the File menu. There are also hotkeys available for all these functions.

Plus more, you can set custom security question and answer to help you reset the master password in case you forget in the future.

PassLook is a portable application that works on Windows and Mac OS X. The Password manager also can run on Windows 8 Pro, 64-bit.

Download PassLook – Mac Password Manager Freeware

LastPass – Universal Password manager for Mobile, Desktop and Web Browser.

Lastpass password manager


The main goal of LastPass password manager is allowing you remember one master password and knowing the rest of password information. The best part of LastPass is all your password data is securely synchronized across all devices giving you access to it anywhere at anytime.

On operating, LastPass Password Manager also has a form filler that automates password entering and form filling. It also supports password generation, site sharing and site logging. Meanwhile, they also offer a couple of different methods (such as an onscreen keyboard for password entry) to protect against keyloggers. Plus more, you can even import and export data, and securely share your login credentials with others and create secure notes.

Cost: Free. A Premium version is offered for $1 per month and includes mobile version, among many other features

Lastpass Supported Platform

  • Mobile OS:  Apple iOS, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone, Android, WebOS, Symbian
  • Operating System: Windows, Linux and Mac OS
  • Web Browser: Safari, Opera, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome

Visit LastPass – Universal Password Manager

KeePassX – Open source Mac password manager

Keepass X Mac Password Management Free


KeePass is a free mac password manager that managing your passwords in a secure way on Mac. All you need remember one single master password or select the key file to unlock the whole password database. All passwords will be stored on database, which encrypted using 256bits secure encryption algorithms known as AES and Twofish.

Meanwhile, KeePassX has the ability to import passwords from PwManager (*.pwm) and KWallet (*.xml) files and allows you to export your passwords as text files.

Plus more, KeePass also support Windows and Linux besides of Mac platform

Visit KeepassX

Pastor – Simple Free Mac Password manager

Pastor simple password manager


Pastor is a simple password management solution that doesn’t contain many features. It can save all your passwords, logins, serials, registrations and other sensitive information with encrypted and password-protected.

Besides that, Pastor password management also built in password generator, and is extremely easy to use. Pastor also runs on Mac OS 10.2 and up, so it is a great choice for older Macs.

Visit Pastor

Password Bank Vault for Mac

Password bank vault Mac


This free password manager offers to store all your passwords information in one easy place with just one master password to remember. All stored passwords entries will be 128 bit encrypted.

It offers various features such as insert, edit , delete, sort, change master password, random password creation, password to clipboard & auto save. Plus more, Password Bank Vault for Mac also allows mac user import & export data to and from spreadsheets in CSV format, backup / restore database feature as well as a special lock screen facility for unwanted prying eyes.

Visit Password Bank Vault for Mac

Do you use any of the Mac password managers mentioned in this post? If so, what’s your opinion of them? If not, do you have any other free mac password manager you highly recommend?