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Reg Organizer: Light Weight Registry Cleaner Tool for Windows


Registry Cleaner is an utility can speed up Windows system by cleaning up the Windows registry and deleting unwanted or temporary files.  Whenever software installations and un-installations performed on Windows, it will left behind a lot of unwanted files or unwanted Windows registry. It is irrespective of correct installation or erroneous one and over a period of time, the Windows system becomes slow. So, Registry Cleaner is the correct tool delete the left behind Windows registry entries and fastens the speed of your system.

If you remember, previously we published an article on the best free windows registry cleaners. However, if you are looking for an alternative or a light weight registry cleaner, then Reg Organizer can be a good option for you.


Reg Organizer comes with various registry cleaning modes. Those modes are express registry check (registry logical structure), registry optimization (registry physical structure) and disk clean-up (File System State). The registry cleaner utility allows you to find all registry keys pertaining to any application and facilitates viewing and editing of registry files. There is also an option of tracing the changes that are taking place for backup purposes.

reg organizer registry cleaner

The Reg Organizer registry cleanup setting lets you customize your registry optimization. It allows you to ignore the drives or storage device references while performing checks. The same can be seen in the snapshot above

Reg Organizer – Register Cleaner Features

  • It allows viewing and editing of system registries and manipulating of registry keys.
  • The option of defragmentation and compression of registry is there to speed up the system.
  • Search registry keys of an application and delete it.
  • Registry checks in three modes; Express, Optimize and Disk Clean.
  • It comes embedded with the application un-installer utility.
  • The disk cleaner option removes unnecessary and temporary files.
  • Registry snapshot tool is available.
  • The utility facilitates tracing of changes done.

Overall, Reg Organizer 5.0 seems to be an excellent tool for playing with the registries. It is light weight and scans faster than some of its counterparts. It comes with a file size of 3.8 MB. There is also a portable version available for the same.

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