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AirMP3.net – Meta Mp3 Search Engine


Airmp3.net - meta mp3 search engine

AirMP3,  meta mp3 search engine that allows you search multiple free mp3 website simultaneously and provides a simple mp3 song download link as you are looking for. AirMP3 mp3 search engine doesn’t host or store any Mp3 files on their server. But the search engine will take the mp3 keyword title you submit in the search box, and transmits them simultaneously to several music search engines and free mp3s sites. Within 30 seconds (or even instantly if the search is already cached), you receive free mp3 downloads links from all search engines queried.

Searching the free mp3 music over airmp3.net is simple.  You can search by artist or song title or browse through a number of “Top 10” lists provided on the page like UK Top 40 singles, MTV Top 20, music chart or the MuchMusic Countdown. Quite handy if you need some guidance on what’s popular.

Once you’ve found the song you are looking for, AirMP3 gives you a number of listening options: download the Ringtone of the song for your mobile, listen in your browser without downloading, add the song to your blog or website by copying the provided HTML code or download the song by simply right clicking and saving.

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