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BeeMp3 – MP3 Online search engine


BeeMp3, a mp3 music search engine provides mp3 music download link over the internet. This search engine eventually doesn’t host a single mp3 music files on their server but they make use of spider crawlers to search internet for audio files under other server directory and making huge URL mp3 database for display to public.

However, BeeMP3 Webmaster stated clearly that the main purpose of the BeeMp3 mp3 search engine is mainly providing online mp3 music listening purpose only. Beside that, every mp3 song result will be show bitrate, duration and frequency information to determine the quality of the song. So far, BeeMp3 mp3 search engine has already index around 800,000 mp3s on their mp3 URL database, with approximately 10,000 added everyday.

However, i feel that there are advantage and disadvantage about Beemp3 mp3 searching services. Disadvantage like this might lead to illegal mp3 music download since BeeMp3 providing the URL of the mp3 which the user might using download application like GetRight and download accelerator. The advantage of Beemp3 search engine is providing sample music listening purpose before purchasing the song from official music store.

For me, Beemp3 MP3 search engine is ideal place to listen music online only before purchasing any music online.

So, how do you think about BeeMp3 online mp3 search engine services? Perhaps drop us a comment about this mp3 search engine services.

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BeeMp3 - MP3 Online search engine

Sample of Disclaimer on Beemp3 services:

1. Beemp3.com DOES NOT HOST any of the songs displayed on this site.
2. Beemp3.com indexes these files which are located on remote servers which neither Beemp3.com nor it’s affiliates have any connection with / control of / association with.
3. You download MP3 files from another host service. (NOT FROM BEEMP3.COM)
4. All music on is presented only for fact-finding listening.
5. You MUST remove a song from the computer after listening.
6. If You won’t delete files from the computer, You’ll break the copyrights protection laws.
7. All the rights on the songs are the property of their respective owners.