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IM History – Stores Chat History from AIM, MSN, ICQ, Yahoo! Messenger, Skype and Miranda


im history - Store IM HistoryIM-History is an IM service that saves your instant messaging history and contacts from AIM, MSN, Windows Messenger, ICQ, Yahoo! Messenger, Skype, Miranda, QIP, Trillian, and Pidgin to provide easy access to them from any computer, laptop or mobile device.

IM-History allows you to :

  • Save your existing history in a reliable storage
  • Synchronize your chat history from different computers instantly
  • Merge your chat history and contacts from different messengers
  • Access your chat history from anywhere
  • Use convenient tools designed especially for searching and organizing your chat history and contacts.

IM History Client Suite

The IM History client Suite will saves chat history from your desktop instant messengers to servers and gives you one-click access to your history. It should be installed on every PC that you use to chat.

You can download the IM History client for Windows and Linux from the Download page. After install, it starts automatically and runs in your tray bar to save all your messages and contacts on IM-History servers over a secured channel.

IM-History tray icon

IM_History Configuration

IM-History Online Service

Online service provides friendly web-interface to your chat history. It can be accessed from IM-history Browser embedded into IM-history Client Suite or from any web browsers.

To access your saved chat history, navigate to https://my.im-history.com/.

IM-History Login

For more info on how to use IM-History, read the User Guide at http://www.im-history.com/user-guide.

Updates: This IM History service is still free and available for existing users, but IM-History has discontinued development activities and will no longer provide support.

It is great to be able to store and manage instant messenger chat history on a web server. There is other new application, SimKL history saver, which I prefer more because there is no need to install any plugin. Check out SimKL-Instant Messenger History Saver.