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Top Mp3 Search Engine Download MP3 Files


Mp3 Search engine, a types of search engine is designed to search MP3 song over internet. These mp3 search engine provides similar search result like Google or Yahoo but the only differences is mp3 search engine only gives you all URL and detail of the mp3 files over internet server. Plus more, all this mp3 search engine doesn’t hosted mp3 files source on their server, which they only crawl mp3 files url and information only on their mp3 database list server.

MP3 Search Engine to download Mp3 files:

Beemp3 - Internet Mp3 search engine

Bee MP3

MP3 search engine provides huge list of mp3 files URL to download. Beemp3 search engine make use of crawlers to search all the Internet audio files under other server directory and making huge URL mp3 database for display to public. Meanwhile, BeeMp3 search engine also have a listing of World Top 10, US Top 10 and Euro Top 10 music charts on their home page allowing you to easily find the best music.

skreemr - mp3 search engine

Skreemr – Google Alike MP3 Search Engine

MP3 search engine find and play mp3 files from all over the web. Skreemr mp3 search engine interfaces looks pretty much like Googles interface. The search engine interface have a search box and some links that point to some inner pages. All you need is enter a name of an artist, album or song and then Skreemr mp3 search engine will query its database for references to your search string. Beside that, Skreemr also have a firefox mp3 search engine plugin that easier your MP3 files finding without visiting the site.
Download skreemr mp3 search engine plugin from here.

espew - mp3 search engine

eSpew – Free MP3 Search Database

A mp3 search engine that allows you to listen music online, download music or even submit any kind of music you want. A list of the top 40 Music searches also provided to see what’s music hot nowadays. Meanwhile, ESpew.com mp3 search engine offers music lyrics as their part of mp3 search result. Beside that, they also have toolbar features, which you can use it directly to search MP3 files from the browser.

mp3realm - mp3 and lyris search engine

MP3Realm – MP3 and Lyris Search Engine

MP3 search engine that search your favorite songs and clips and filter them out by file duration. All the Mp3Realm mp3 search result is sorted based on artist, title, genre or album. Plus more, Mp3realm mp3 search services even allows you create your own personal account to store mp3 playlist, Lyrics and mp3 search result. Besides indexing mp3 files, they also index lyrics, so you can sing along to your favorite songs.

seekmp3.info - mp3 search engien to download mp3 files

Seekmp3 – mp3 search engine

Another mp3 search engine that very simply like major search engine. However, this search engine support various of language like Spanish , French, Chinese , Japanese and etc….

SONGZA – Mp3 music search engine

provides you with a music search engine and internet jukebox. Search for any song or band and listen to the song on the jukebox. It can display multiple links to the song or band that you searched. Click on the link and you’ll be able to listen to the song instantly. You can also broaden your search by searching for the artist/band name or narrow your results by searching for a specific song.

FindMp3 – Find Mp3 Search Engine

FindMP3s has a cool 2.0 interface with a huge search form. It has the ability to allow us to browse the results by artists and the list of Top 25 hits.

Karabit – Google Like Mp3 Search Engine

Karabit has the most simpler interface Google-like interface for a less annoying browsing experience. The mp3 URL search result page with only the file name, Play and Download button and the permalink. Hit the Play button, a small and cool player will appear for you to stream the file.

GROOVESHARK – Legal Music Search Engine

GrooveShark is a legal search engine(using p2p technology) which has a unique system where everybody gets paid, actually this service pays you to share your music online. All music files are DRM-free and with p2p system on bard you can search virtually any music file you want. This sharing concept is a great way to intrigue illegal networks.

MIXTURTLE – Music Search Engine

MixTurtle is for those who want to create and search for playlist within seconds. When you search for an artist you like to hear, a list is displayed listing of the artists available which you have search so far, clicking on the a track will immediately start playing the track, if you registered member than you can add you desired playlists for easy playback, if you love creating and sharing playlists with your friends, this would be the right place for you to go.

QLOUD – Free Legal Social Music Search Engine

Qloud has a unique approach of sharing music to the masses, it is available only via social networks and streams the best of iTunes. Users are allowed to play the tracks of their friend’s iTunes, this service is available on Facebook, Friendster, Bebo and Hi5. The site is completely free and legal and social networks seem to going by the hand. This service is like getting to know new people around the social network by the type of music they listen to.

AUDIOBABA – Free Music Search Engine

Audiobaba is a free next generation music search engine that allows you to find songs by acoustic similarity. Simply enter the song or artist name and you will find them instantly. It lets you search between mainstream, normal, or independent artists with a single click.

MUVIBEE – Music Video Search Engine

MuviBee lets you search through music videos, basically it is a search engine which lets you choose whether to search by an artist or a song title and you can find the track in the search result. You can make your own music video list, you can also look through people’s music video list which sometimes help finding the right track.

Airmp3.net - search free mp3 download with airmp3 meta music search engine

AirMp3 – Free Mp3 Download Search Engine

AirMP3 is meta music search engine that allow you search multiple free mp3 website simultaneously and provides a simple link to download free mp3 song as you are looking for. As AirMP3 doesn’t host or store any Mp3 on their server but their meta music search engine acts as the free mp3 music engine for finding where the free mp3 are located over the internet.

If you know other mp3 search engine or music search engine should includes on the above list. Let us know and share with our reader.