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Collabtive: Free Open Source Light Weight Project Management Tool


Before starting off any Project or Assignment, it’s important to formulate a strategy or a plan, which will be followed during the course of project. Also, it needs to be within a pre-decided budget, and must be completed within a specified deadline. Hence, there is a requirement of continuous monitoring of the project by the Project Manager. However, managing such a thing without any software is next to impossible, because of multifarious jobs associated with a project. Microsoft Project can be one of the solutions, but it might repel those, who do not want to invest on the software.  In such a case, Collabtive Project Management Utility can come to your rescue.

Collabtive is free open source project management software. It is a PHP based, and therefore requires PHP support on the system. The utility can support unlimited project or tasks and there is no restriction on the number of users or members to be assigned to a project. It also facilitates role based permission management, file management, time tracking, generation of reports (in various formats), RSS feeds and email notifications.

As mentioned above, the software requires PHP support. The best way to achieve the same is by installing WAMP on the system. You can download it by clicking here. The following login screen will be displayed thereafter.

collabtive - online project management


Once the login is performed, the desktop will be visible. The desktop tab shows you all the current projects along with the calendar. It also lets you know the percentage of project completed and the number of days remaining for completion of project. You can also start a new project in this page and allocate the deadline.



The utility is also featured with an activity log, which shows the list of activities performed while managing projects. Thus it becomes easier for manager to track all the events later on.collabtive4


collabtive open source project management

The tasklists bar lets you assign tasks in a project. For example, you can add project members, assistants or may be some interview schedule.

Overall, Collabtive is a decent project management utility. Though, it lacks Gantt Chart and few other services that its counterpart features, but it`s definitely good for those who do not want to spend a penny on utilities like Microsoft Project. However, if you are not satisfied with this, then you can have a look at various other free project management tools by clicking here.

Download Collabtive – Online Project Management