AVG Anti-Virus 8.0 Free Edition


Finally AVG anti virus 8.0 free edition is released for download after two month that AVG Anti virus 8.0 license copy is out. As we know, AVG anti virus free edition has been widely use as a free security software for home user for computer security protection.

Meanwhile, the AVG anti virus 8.0 free edition not only does protect your system from viruses, but also enhances their features by giving spyware detection and Safe search utilities as well. However, this AVG Anti virus 8.0 free edition is slightly difference compare the AVG anti virus license copy which it doesn’t includes Anti Rookit features.

Download AVG Anti-Virus 8.0 Free Edition

For those still using AVG anti virus 7.5 or doesn’t use anti virus software at all. I advise you can go a head download and install AVG anti virus 8.0. Since the latest AVG anti virus 8.0 is packed with features like real-time protection, daily updates, and integrates to fight spyware through their combination anti virus and spyware engine together. But remember, This AVG Anti virus free edition anti virus is only for private, non-commercial, single computer use only.

The files of AVG anti virus 8.0 edition installer is 46.1 MB and you can download on the below link :

Download AVG Anti-Virus 8.0 Free Edition

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  • aiMicHan

    can avg 8.0 be used with windows vista? i tried before but the installation was not complete…

  • @aiMicHan

    Avg Free edition is support Windows vista. But before installation, make sure you uninstall your old anti virus. It might clash if avg detect other anti virus on your system.. 🙂

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  • Elmer P. Nido

    AVG Free Edition 8.0 is better

  • max

    im useing trend micro serurity pro at the moment im thing abot installing avg as well will the clash and stuffup

  • David

    Efficient and reliable

  • SA Engrg

    To update on all new software available

  • ambuj

    trial to find anti-virus for my pc.

  • Thanks for this piece. I have actually tried AVG in the past and liked it very much, beyond a few too many false positives I have little to complain about. I did decide to go with a paid anitivirus for my business and moved to Avir for home use, but I would recommend AVG to most people for most purposes.

  • evden eve

    Your a good antivuru design certainly make a good product looks even better .. tnx

  • pls i want to download avg 8.0 version

    best regards

  • abhishek jain

    plz send me this avg free 8 adition………..



    • @Taiwa,

      I believe AVG 8 doesn’t support Windows 7. Perhaps you can try out the AVG 9 free antivirus, which support Windows 7

  • zeljko


  • gloria croes

    I’m trying but cannot do what you are asking me to do.
    Most of the AVG antivirus is to purchase and I don’t have the money. My PC belongs to a prayer group and we don’t have the fund to purrcase an antivirus. I had one, I don’t know where it gone. I need to put an antivirus on my PC.
    Can you please help me.

  • Raw8au

    I cant get avg of my computer

    • Raw8au,

      Now you will getting the latest AVG 2012 free anti virus edition for your computer. It can support windows from Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8