Repair and Rescue Windows OS using Trinity Rescue Kit Live CD

Trinity Rescue Kit, A free Linux live CD aim for repair and rescue your windows operating system. Trinity rescue kit is based on Linux Mandriva to build live CD to restore and rescue Windows OS and linux OS.

Once Trinity Rescue Kit live CD is active, there is a graphical startup menu based on SYSLINUX and vesamenu32 which is used to select boot options. Inside the live CD. you can see a lot of tools like resetting password tool that allow user restore and clear the password of windows and Linux operating system which user can set the password as they want on next OS login. Meanwhile, a tools to remove viruses which it equipped with 4 different virus scan products (ClamAV, AVG, F-Prot, BitDefender) integrated in a single uniform command line with online update capability.

Trinity Rescue Kit to recover and repair windows and linux OS

Plus more, it can simple allocated all local files system with a simple script entry and then clones an NTFS partition to another PC over a network, a mass undeleter that tries to recover every deleted file on the drive. In addition, Trinity Rescue Kit (TRK) Live CD also provides for recovering data off a formatted or dying disk, two tools for fixing master boot record repair programs, and hardware diagnostics.

This Trinity Rescue Kit live CD can be bootable within three method like burn into ISO files, USB stick installable or network over PXE.

The best part of this Trinity Rescue Kit live CD can use on all windows and Linux to for repair and rescue purpose.

Download: Trinity Rescue Kit Live CD