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Best Free IM Messenger Encryption Security Software to Encrypt IM Messenger Chat Session


Here is best free IM messenger encryption security software list to encrypt IM Messenger chat session securely to prevent the


by preventing hacker from reading it. Since the instant messenger networks are not secure, hackers or cracker can easily record down or hijack your chat message without your notice. Even Yahoo! acknowledges that they record IP addresses. Who knows what else they record ?

So, if you are worried about privacy when using instant messengers, here are free Instant messenger encryption software to encrypt your IM chat conversation and only person with the correct encryption key set to decrypt message into readable message.

Best Free IM Messenger Encryption Security Software:

1. BitDefender Chat Encryption Software – Free Windows Chat Encryption Software

bitdefender chat encryption

BitDefender chat encryption software able to encrypt your IM chat conversation securely with strong algorithms, which means not even authorities can read your chat conversation.  The best part of Bitdefender chat encryption is no password or special setting to setup secure chat communication. All you need is make sure the persons you are talking to install Bitdefender chat encryption tool on their computer. So other person can read your encrypted chat message and establish secure chat communication between both parties.

This free Windows chat encryption software works with Yahoo! Messenger v8 or higher and Windows Live Messenger v8.5 only

Download BitDefender Chat Encryption

2. IM Crypto – Free Instant Messenger Chat Encryption Software

im crypto - free im chat encryption software

IM Crypto is a free instant messenger chat encryption software secure your IM chat conversation with public and private encryption key. Once the IM conversation is establish with encryption key, no one but the receiver at the other end has the private key able to decrypt your messages only. Even anyone else who tries to record your chat messages will only get a heap of garbled characters. Plus more, the recorded encrypted also takes time to decrypt the encrypted chat message into readable chat conversation.

However, this free instant messenger chat support limited IM clients such as Yahoo messenger and ICQ.
Download IM Crypto Free Version

3. Simp Lite – Free IM Chat Security Encryption Software

simp lite

Simp Lite encrypts IM messages chat preventing eavesdroppers from reading your instant messenger chat conversations. This free IM chat encryption security software supports 4 different instant messengers such as Yahoo, MSN, ICQ/AIM and Jabber/Google that pretty much covers the popular IM networks.
Download IM Crypto Free Version

So, if you are very concern about your IM chat session privacy. Then you can use above IM chat encryption software to encrypt your chat message securely. Meanwhile, if you know other IM chat encryption should include on the above list, let us know via comment! 🙂