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Build Own Online Community Website with Dolphin Smart Community Builder


Building own community website is reality with Dophin smart community builder. Since Dolphin Smart Community Builder become free open source social network software. It allow you building own online Community that offer huge variety of features & options, you can quickly develop your very unique and successful website with YouTube, MySpace, Odeo, Flickr, Match and Facebook features.

Dolphin online Social builder

Plus more, Dolphin Smart Community builder has actively developed and frequently upgraded for over 6 years. There are many plugins, templates, custom support you can choose from to fancy your own online community website.

On the Latest Dophin Smart Community builder ( Version , you can enjoyed the enhancement features as below:

Dolphin online community builder feature:

  • YouTube, Odeo and Flickr clones mixed in one system
  • Innovative Builders for advanced site customization
  • Numerious new site-building and tweaking tools
  • Full native support of all Ray Widgets
  • Groups, Classifieds and renewed Events
  • Tags all around the site
  • Secure passwords and UTF-8 encoding
  • All-new design, layout and site structure
  • Unique Menu Builder for customizing site navigation
  • All-new customizable admin panel with tons of new tools
  • Optimized code, improved performance, caches everywhere
  • Customizable Flash promo and custom HTML blocks
  • RSS feeds, new Blogs, better Friends, blah, blah, blah…

Meanwhile, the rest of the basic features thatn Dolphin Smart community builder over here

I believe Dolphin open source smart community builder is best software to build your own community site or social network site which this open source online community software has been widely used by 20,000 community sites worldwide. if you interest build your own online community, why not consider Dolphin open source community builder.

Visit Dolphin community builder | Dolphin community builder demo

Updates: Dolphin Online Community builder 7 is released now.