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Turn On Regedit (Registry Editor )


Regedit or Registry Editor , a Windows registry editor that stores setting and options for windows platform. Using Regedit command, you can explores the windows registry location which contain information and setting for all hardware, operating system software, non-operating system software, user and preferences of the pc. Whenever you make any changes to windows setting or system policies or installed software, the changes will reflected and stored in windows registry.

Beside that, Registry Editor or Regedit command is very useful for advance windows user for windows customization on hardware or windows setting.

However, i expriences before not able turn on registry editor ( regedit command ) when you type in regedit on the windows run option. After search through the internet, there is solution to turn on regedit or registry editor by activate a VB script called as regtools.vbs which able disable / enable Registry Editing tools in Windows.

Normally Regtool.vbs file will check for the appropriate value and if not found will create it. If the value was found, it will be toggled to its opposite state and you will be informed that you need to log off/back on or restart your computer. The changes is mde in HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System.

Download regtools.vbs