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Build Own Social Networking Site With Elgg Social Networking Platform Builder


Elgg , free open source social networking platform builder that allows you build your own unique social networking site. With Elgg social network platform builder, you can build a flexible, unique and successful social network for your user with common web application and social networking functionality which similar like MySpace, and Facebook social networking features.

elgg - free social networking platform builder

What Elgg social networking platform builder features:

Elgg comes with advanced user management and administration, social networking, cross-site tagging, powerful access control lists, internationalisation support, multiple view support (eg cell phones, iPhone), an advanced templating engine, a widget framework and more. Meanwhile, Elgg social networking platform builder also supports login standard technologies like OpenDD, OpenID and OpenSocial, and they are directly involved in community efforts to push the envelope when it comes to data portability, federation and the user experience.

Elgg social networking builder also bundles with several standard plug-ins such as blogging engine, file repository for organizing files, bookmarks, a message board and the all-important ‘Walled Garden’ plug-in as the core social network tools. Plus more, each profile item, blog post, or uploaded file can be assigned its own access restrictions – from fully public, to only readable by a particular group or individual.

So, building your social networking with Elgg is simple. This entire social networking is run on Apache , PHP and MYSQL which similar like Dolphin Smart Community Builder. In addition, Elgg social networking platform is compatible with Zend enterprise Platform and any server environment that can run the Apache web server.

Elgg social networking platform builder also features the best open source social network platform to build your own community site or social network site. If you are interested to build your own online network social community, why not consider using Elgg social networking platform as your social network as core platform.

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