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Onion Map – Online Interactive 3D Tourist Guide Maps to Preview Popular Cities Attraction


Onion Map , An online interactive 3D tourist guide map that allow you previews popular cities attraction and tour guide information. Tourists will also find these online 3D tourist guide maps very useful since all the major city attractions, hotels & restaurants, shopping joints, etc. are very clearly marked. Beside that, Online Map has gather a huge collection 3D map tourist map like Amsterdam, New York, Beijing, San Fransisco, Hong Kong, Barcelona, Las Vegas, London, Madrid and others to preview.

Onion Map - Online 3D tourist guide map Singapore

The Onion Map is definitely a great tourist guide services if you are somewhere new and don’t know what to explore first as it provides a three dimensional symbols to show landmarks which is easily spot out. Plus more, You can zoom in and out; check out restaurant, shops, and hotel locations; plus find out random facts about a city, such as population, the phone code, the currency, and how much a Big Mac will set you back.

For me, It’s definitely a great way to get your bearings on a new city before you arrive!

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