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CrystalMark – Free PC BenchMarking Tools to benckmark Computer Performance


CrystalMark, a free PC benchmarking tools to compare computer performance between various PC systems. This free performance benchmarking tool offer various computer benchmark testing such as CPU, memory, hard disk drive as well as graphics benchmarking tests such as video (GDI, Direct Draw, OpenGL) subsystems.

crystalmark - free pc benchmarking tool

After downloading CrystalMark benchmarking tools zip files, just unzip the folders and double click the CrystalMark09.exe to launch the PC benchmarking test. On the crystalmark benchmarking main menu, there are various benchmarking tests such as Mark, ALU, FPU, MEM, HDD and more being listed and clicking on it will run the test respectively with scores displayed next to the test buttons.

Each benchmarking test can be run separate test individually or all and the total score will be summed up for comparison with other platforms. The best part is, the benchmarking result can be save as text or HTML for easy extraction and compilation. 

Meanwhile, this free benchmarking tool has been widely used by technical to compare some new solutions from chipmakers before deciding a new design with it. Plus more, it is compatible with All 32-bit Windows OS such as 2000/2003/XP and even Vista OS.

Download  CrystalMark BenchMarking Tools