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Disable Windows Vista Welcome Center when startup


Vista Welcome Center, a welcome screen that always loads up every time when you start up your windows vista. However, Vista welcome center will benefit for those novice vista user for easy computer configuration. But some of them will start feeling annoying and think this vista welcome center doesn’t serve any purpose on vista startup.

To disable Windows vista welcome center, You can try out the below two trick. This two disable welcome center will help to speed up your vista boot as well.

First trick : Disabling the vista welcome center with Regedit method

1. Computer -> Type ” CMD” – > Start Regedit.

2. Navigate through HKEY_CURRENT_USER, Software, Microsoft, Windows, CurrentVersion, Run.

3. Right click on the Windows Welcome Center key and select Delete.

Second Trick : Simple uncheck for disable Vista Welcome Center

There’s a small checkbox at the bottom left hand corner of the Welcome window. Removing the checkbox from this will prevent it from reappearing at startup next time.

Disable Vista welcome center