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FIFA 15 Ultimate – Free Android Fifa Game


FIFA 15 Ultimate Team is the official FIFA 15 Android game. It definitely continues the legacy of FIFA franchise and takes it one step ahead. Its a must try for those FIFA and soccer game lovers.

This Android Fifa game is soccer game by EA Sports features over 10,000 players from over 500 licensed teams over 30 real soccer leagues and stadiums. You can build your dream footballers squad team from English Premier League, La Liga, and MLS, to the German Bundesliga and beyond.

Android Fifa 15 Squad

Once you download Fifa Android game and activate, you can choose the region and your favourite soccer club. Then you have to build up and make your soccer squad stronger by buying / selling players. You can also get players on loan for specific matches. This Android fifa game has 5 main game options: Home, Play, Transfers, Club, and Store.

On Fifa 15 Ultimate home option, you can check your fantasy soccer squad, season you are playing, Active Objects, and New Pack Offers.

Android Fifa 15 Ultimate

On this Android Fifa 15 ultimate play option, you can play soccer matches on your android phones with your Fifa 15 Ultimate team against the best soccer team of world to rank and claim to be the best of Fifa 15 Ultimate player. You will play your fantasy soccer team league match along across different modes. It has 5 modes:Seasons, Quick Match, Tournaments, Team of the Week, and Games of the Week.

On Season option, you can monitor the current progress of the soccer tournament you are playing in Fifa 15 Ultimate Android game. You can even choose to play the next game of the season from here. For playing the game, either you can play the match yourself or simply simulate it.

Fifa Ultimate 15 Transfer option will be most interesting option, which you can visiting the transfer market buy and sell football players to build up your fantasy soccer squad. You can search for player to buy using different selection criteria to get the specific player. You can also use this market to buy support club staff for your team as well.

On Club option, you can check different aspects of your club like list of all players, staff members, consumables, club items, etc.. You can also check your transfers from this section. Plus more, you can even set your fantasy soccer play style, formation, kits, and more.

Finally, the store option is money spending option on FIFA Ultimate Team 15. You need to get Fifa Coins or in-app purchases to get extra game add-ons for your club cooler and stronger such as great player packs plus other various other premium stuff.

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