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Free 3D Modeling Software from TrueSpace Microsoft


TrueSpace , a free Windows 3D modeling and animation software that allow 3D animation designer to create realistic 3D animation, graphic rendering, NURBS, web design, games design and etc.Free Windows 3D modeling software - TrueSpace

One of the most distinctive features of trueSpace is its 3D modeling interface, using mainly 3D widgets for most common editing operations and the third generation of context based 3D controls which you can easily edit and design 3D animation. The TrueSpace user interface provide a series of powerful and customizable 2D layouts which support different work styles as well as series of 2D editors such as Link editor, Script Editor, Panel Editor and others.

Beside that, you can import 3D modeling characters created in other software like AutoCAD, 3ds Max, Adobe Illustrator and etc to integrated inside truespace workspace.

After Microsoft acquired trueSpace 3d modeling software , Microsoft released TrueSpace 3d modeling software as free download 3D design software. Plus more, Microsoft also integrated their virtual earth services to allow user to create building and landscapes.

A video tutorial using TrueSpace design 3D animation

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Download TrueSpace 3D software Modeling

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