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Free Download Command & Conquer Gold Edition


EA have released free download Command & Conquer Gold Edition as a part of celebration 12th anniversary of the Command and Conquer series. i was so happy when saw the statement from EA Command and Conquer news site.

quote_leftWe are providing the original Command & Conquer as a free download, compatible for Windows XP! This is the same version included with the collectors pack Command & Conquer: The First Decade, and is now available for you to download for free!quote_right

Command and Conquer was one of my favorite PC games of all-time. i have been playing this strategy games almost 10 year. For sure this Command & conquer gold collection is well worth to download as a collection for Command &Conquer collection.

Free command and conquer from EA

However, This command & conquer gold edition PC games does not support online play, and you’ll need to follow the provided instructions closely to get the thing installed and running without breaking your existing DirectX installation.

After download Command and conquer gold edition ISO images, you need to burn ISO image onto a CD with a CD Burner and any “CD Burning Software” such as Nero, Alcohol, etc. There are also a few extra steps in order to make C&C GOLD run on Windows XP after you burn it to CD using burning software

Here is some instructions found in the readme that explains how to configure the command and conquer PC game to play it in Windows XP:

  • Right-click the install.exe of the Command and Conquer Gold installation and select Properties and the Compatibility tab. Select Windows 95 from the list and click ok
  • Don’t install Direct X when prompted to do so. Installation will commence as usual.
  • Download the patch from the Westwood ftp and apply it. Link is below.
  • Change the compatibility of C&C95.exe which is created during installation to Windows 95 as well.

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