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Free Employee Management Software


All type of organizations small, medium and large make use of the employee management software these days. It reduces the time and effort that requires in manually maintaining the employee records. Such software helps to manage the employee profiles and personal details at one place. Many free employee management software are available on the internet which keeps the track of employee schedules, manage their work logs and also helps the company in analyzing their performance evaluations and appraisals.

Free Employee Management Software List:

Time Doctor 1.1.34

This software enables real time task tracking and its management. This software is best used to handle a team working remotely. It records the internet usage of the employee and takes a screen shot every 3 minutes, thus preventing the wasting of time by employees. The software also helps employee to do multitasking. It helps employees manage their work by setting the tasks based on priorities and at the same time helps manager to keep a check on the employee priorities. It provides a daily report to the management which includes accomplished tasks of the day and the priority wise tasks for the next day.

Time Doctor- A free Employee Management Software

IT Work Timer 1.1

This software keeps the check on the actual hours worked by the employees. It will help you calculate the payment towards your staff for the number of hours worked in a day. The software regularly tracks the worktime of the employee and takes the screenshots of their screen so that they cannot just pretend they are working when they are actually not. This will definitely help you take the appraisal decisions in favor of the employee who works efficiently within the organization.

IT Work Timer -  Employee Management Tool

Pay Punch 8

Pay Punch is a biometric time clock that can work like the actual time clock to track the attendance of employees. This biometric clock keeps an account of the employee attendance and check in time. With this software the employee does not have to punch the time card but simply places his hand on to the reader and feeds in the employee number or code. The system eliminates the requirements of the traditional punching system like time cards. The instances of friends punching in and punching the incorrect overtime and check in times can be completely eliminated with the use of Punch Pay. The time involved in the payroll calculation is saved and hence the cost. It helps generate accurate employee time and attendance report to the payroll department of the company. This will help increase the overall employee functionality and punctuality.

Freeware to Manage Employees - PayPunch

MIE Dashboard Collaboration Software

This is the latest technology software which works as the business management and task collaboration tool. The software helps employees to communicate via chat, manage and share their tasks and documents, share information and collaborate to work towards the completion of a project. This can be used among large number of employees within the organization to manage and track the day to day business activities. The system saves time and avoids complications by managing, storing, searching and tracking the files used in an organization. It works towards achieving the automation of the business process and gives instant access to the documents needed at any point of time. With the help of this software the employee need not store files on different hardware and create backups for them. Timely and systematic data retrieval is made possible with the use of MIE Dashboard Collaboration Software.

Mie Dashboard Collaboration Software

Curo – Free Employee Management Solution

CURO is a free employee management solution allows SME (Small & Medium Enterprises) to maintain employees record and shift schedules easily. An employer is able to list the availability of an employee and schedule duties or tasks that he or she is able to perform during that available time slot.

All data is entered into the system in ‘input’ forms and via various controls. Each employee has his or her own slider, in the system, for each day of work. These sliders are able to indicate the employee’s availability.

Curo free employee management software is works on Windows, Mac, and Linux, provided you have Adobe Air installed.

Curo - Free Employee Management Software

Thus we see that there are numerous employee management software available for free on the internet. They serve various purposes in an organization to make the overall working process of the organization more systematic. They reduce the cost and time to manage daily employee data and company tasks.