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Free Excel Password Recovery and Excel Password Remover Tools


Forgotten your Excel password, here is a list of recover excel password tools and excel password remover tools to help you recover or remove your excel password. Although there is a lot excel password recovery or remover tools on the market. But the excel password tools that i mention is a freeware which can use freely to remove or recover your excel password without paying a single cent.

Excel Password Recovery tools and Excel Password Remover Tools:

1. Excel Password Remover 2008

Free Excel Password Remove Tool

A Excel Password remover add in that remove/crack/break/unlock a password protection on an Excel workbook or sheet. To remove excel password, you need to download the Excel Password remover add-in and double-click on it. Then Excel program will open and you’ll be asked whether to enable or disable the macros associated with the add-in. Of course, enable it.

Then go ahead and open the Excel workbook that has the password on it that you would like to get rid of. There will be two new menu options under Tools, called Unprotect Sheet and Unprotect Workbook.

However, the excel password remover program only works with Excel 2000, XP and 2003. Excel 2007 might not support due to much stronger encryption and this little tool would take centuries trying to crack that.

Download Excel Password Remover XLA | Excel Password Remover zip Files

2. Free Excel password recovery software

Free Excel Password Recovery

Free Excel Password Recovery software is particularly effective when recover a common Excel password, or if a fairly short password was used (long passwords can be infeasible to recover with this sort of software due to the time required). The excel password recovery software uses a large dictionary and tries the word against files. Basically it uses the “Brute Force” approach, all the combinations are tried against the file until one matches.

Though it is not as advanced as most of the paid software for the same purpose, it is better to give it a try before going for any paid product. Plus more, this free excel password recovery software work from Excel 97 to Excel 2003 files only.

Download Free Excel Password Recovery Software