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Free Fifa 08 Mobile Game download for Nokia N-Series mobile phone


N-Gage currently is offering free Fifa 08 mobile game for Nokia N-Series mobile phone. A total of 120,000 copies of free N-Gage Fifa 2008 mobile licenses will be giving away for free for celebrating the launch of the new N-Gage platform.

if you’re a hardcore fifa gamer and having nokia n-series mobile phone. i advise you navigate to play.n-gage.com, install the N-Gage application on your phone and then download the FIFA 08 game. Plus more, it is better using Wireless LAN to download n-gage application and free fifa 08 mobile game because the download files is around 10mb. ( using 3G to download will be expensive 🙂 )

Free fifa 08 mobile games

How to get free Fifa 08 Mobile Game :

  1. Open mobile web browser “ngage.mobi/play”, and choose your device and select ‘Download N-Gage Now’.
  2. If you already have FIFA 08, immediately ‘activate your free game license!’. Else download the trial.
  3. Next enter your phone number, a link with a URL to download the license will be sent to you shortly.
  4. Install and you are good to go!

If you already have the N-Gage app, here’s a direct link download Fifa 08 Mobile game . Once the game is installed, Just activate it using your mobile phone number.

However, this free fifa 2008 mobile game is available for Europe customer only and the rest of world will getting a trial of fifa 08 mobile game only.