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Free Fix Blur Photos Software

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The annoyance level is indescribable when you find out that the photo you took is blurred due to camera shake or when your subject is moving. It is even more annoying when the shot you took can never be brought back. Well worry no more. There are computer programs today that can solve all of your dilemmas about your blurred pictures. Adobe has introduced a latest version of Photoshop software that can exceptionally reduce blur images or fix blur photos. But this fix blur photos software is quite expensive so in case you want different software that would fit your low budget but still produced the same quality you might check these listed below.

Free Fix Blur Photos Software List:


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Deconvolution is the process of un-blurring of photos and greatly manifested by Unshake. Unshake is a product of Java and will run on any operating system whether it is Windows, Linux or Mac. This fix blur photos program has a simple interface but you need time to figure things out. Unshake has a file in its package Instruction.html where you can read it if you’re having a hard time. Once you are an expert of this software, blurry images will be a thing of the past.

Using GIMP to Sharpen

sharpen gimp


GIMP is a free photo editor program available in Linux, Mac and Windows. Its photo editing prowess is top of the line as it can sharpen your blurred photos into amazing ones. Its sharpen tool is really great for it brings great results. The interface is simple but like any editing programs, you have to get used to it first. So you can kiss your blurred pictures goodbye when using this GIMP software.

Focus Magic

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There are generally two types of blurred photographs, those that are simply out of focus and those which have been blurred because the subject (or camera) is moving. Focus Magic is a program that is able to fix many of these photographs. It works in a very similar way to the Unshake program and is so successful that many forensic police departments use it in investigations. That said, it is not just good for unblurring license plates and is also effective at reducing the blur on everyday shots. The software is easy to use and can act as a standalone program or be used with popular editing software such as Photoshop. This program is available free for a trial period.


As we tackled GIMP above, here we introduce refocus. Refocus is just a plug-in of GIMP wherein it focuses on refocusing your photos with the use of FIR Wiener filtering. This technique uses Unsharp Masking (USM) for sharpening images. That is what Refocus boasts about. This plug-in is downloadable for free and installed with GIMP

It is really a disappointment to know that such situations can never be brought back and only photos can help us remember them. Much disappointment will be incurred if those photos will fail you as well. With these choices of affordable software, every photo that you take will be as clear as you once saw them.

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Share with us if you know any free fix blur photos software should added on top of the list.