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No matter you are a graphic designer or not, but chances are that you will like typography and other similar designs. Font creation is a very interesting process using which you can create customized fonts depending on your likes and needs. You can either create a completely new font or can modify an existing font. All this depends on what kind of font you are looking for and can you find it online or not. If not, then you will surely need to create one yourself otherwise you can only modify a font according to your taste.

Now, for doing so, usually you were required to buy an expensive software that you might not be able to even afford. But due to the open source and free softwares available today, this has become a quite simple and easy process and anyone can use them for creating fonts.

Free Font Creation Software List:

Double Type

This font creation software is available for all platforms including Mac OS X, Linux, Windows and Solaris. The reason for its wide compatibility is that it is based on Java and uses Java Runtime System that is found in all the above mentioned operating systems. It is basically for TrueType font editing and creating. It is an open source software so you need not to pay anything at all.

Double Type- Free Font Creation Tool

FontForge – Font Creation

FontForge is another great font editor and creator available to everyone for free. It has an easy to use interface and can be used in various languages like English, Japanese, Traditional Chinese and German and a number of other languages. It is capable of creating fonts of a number of formats. You can also edit fonts according to your needs. You can use it on a computer with any platform including Linux, Mac and Windows. Overall, it is an all-in-one software that is capable of doing all types of font creation and editing. So, if you have this, you don’t need to worry about anything else.

FontForge - Font Editor Freeware


FontStruct is a powerful online tool that can be used for creating various types of fonts. It provides you with all the necessary features as any other font creation software do. All you need is “flash” installed on your computer for using this tool and that’s it. You can build and share fonts. It has a lot of fun features that can keep you busy for hours. It is truly an amazing as well as powerful software at the same time and allows you do a lot more than just font creation. You can say it to be one of the best font creation tools available today.

FontStruct - Online Font Editing Tool

Font Constructor

Font Constructor is a nice and really usable font creator made for Mac OS. It is a must for every Mac user as it allows you to create fonts in various formats plus you can also edit fonts. It is a standalone application that has a lot of features using which you can create a font that suits your needs just perfectly.

FontConstructor - Font Creation Software for Mac OS

These are few free font creation softwares that will allow you to create a font whenever and however you want. Why not give them a try?

If you are aware of any other Free font creator, please let us know by posting a comment.