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Free iPhone RingTone Maker with iPhone 3G supported using iRinger


iRinger, a Free iPhone Ringtone Maker that allow any iphone user to customize their favour music become iphone ringtone. iRinger is a good iphone ringtone maker solution because it doesn’t require any jailbreak your iphone to hack version iphone similar like the other commercial iPhone Ringtone maker. Meanwhile, iRinger also includes a lot of customization ringtone features to fancy up your ringtone as you want.

iRinger - free iphone ringtone maker with 3G support

To customize your iphone ringtone is easy, all you need download iRinger iphone ringtone software and install it. Then just import the the music and song that you want to convert as iphone ringtone by clicking “open” button. Then the music will be converted to iphone ringtone depending the size of the music media.

After finishing music convertion, you can use the iRinger iphone ringtone maker software to customize your iphone ringtone by selecting which part of the music that you want.  Meanwhile, other customize iphone features like fade in , fade out , length of the iphone ringtone, volume of the ringtone and loop gap also included during customization of your iphone ringtone.

Once finish customize your iphone ringtone using iRinger, you can export iphone ringtone to other file directory as copy. Meanwhile, you can change the name of the converted iphone ringtone and setting the period looping the customize iphone ringtone. Plus more, make your sure check the ” export to itunes ” option to allow exporting to your itunes ringtone section. After that, you can use your itunes to upload your customize iphone ringtone to iphone devices.

Here is the Video tutorial how to use iRinger free iPhone Ringtone Maker :

Beside that, you can use their advanced audio features like Delay, Flanger, Boost, Reverse, etc. on the iRinger iphone ringtone maker software to fancy your iphone ringtone. Below is another video tutorial how to play around the iRinger advanced audio effect on your customize iphone ringtone.

Requirement to run iRinger free iphone Ring tone Maker:

  • Runs on all versions of Microsoft Windows including Windows Vista
  • Requires iPhone firmware 1.1.2 or newer, iTunes software 7.5 or newer
  • Works with the new iPhone 3G

There is a limitation on this free iphone ringtone maker software which the maximum the iphone ringtone time frame is 30 second only. However, iRinger still remain a good free iphone ringtone maker solution.

Download iRinger-Free iPhone Ringtone Maker SoftwareRinger.zip

Anyway, thanks for iRinger – free Iphone ringtone maker contribution to all iphone user !!! 🙂