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Free Paragon Partition Manager 9 Express


Previously we have cover a free paragon hard disk manager 8 SE, a popular hard drive partition tools that allow you partition hard drives , backing up and restoring partitions, moving and resizing partitions and creating recovery disks. Now a better version free paragon partition software is released, Paragon Partition Manager 9 SE with better features and support larger hard disk size partition.

Meanwhile, Paragon paragon partition manager 9 Express edition also support vista operating system. Plus more, it can easily organize your hard drive and redistributes free space to enhance system performance.

Best of all, you can now enjoy the benefits for free!

Paragon Partition Manager 9.0 Express

Key features of Paragon Partition manager 9 Express edition

  • Gain additional space in your existing partitions by easily resizing and moving partitions with through the smart Resize Wizard.
  • Add partitions with the highly intuitive Create Partition Wizard. Leave a core partition to host Windows and automatically create a new partition for work and data files in a logical, intuitive place.
  • Simplify the backup process by separating your data from your Operating System. A structured approach allows you to have a separate location for your OS, your data, and your backups.
  • Many applications still don’t work with Vista, so why not keep a copy of Windows XP ? With separate drive partitions, you can install several operating systems and have a choice on startup.

Download Paragon Hard Disk Manager Express Edition (file size: 96Mb)