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Free Video Movie Maker To Edit Video Files


After covers free video converter software, here are the numerous free movie maker software that are available. A person is almost spoilt for choice when looking for a free video edit download. It is important to note that not all of them are good. There are others that you cannot get the support you may want from their manufacturers, and others may end up causing you more trouble than good. This is does not imply that getting a good free video edit program is impossible; there are a number that are very good and can be very useful.

Free Video Editors To Edit Video Files:

Microsoft Movie Maker

These free movie maker in most cases is already installed in computers operating with Windows XP. Microsoft Movie maker is loaded with a drag and drop feature making editing or even creating of movies much easier. The software is also loaded with a number of other add and you can also get its numerous updates from the Microsoft website. To a very large extent, one can comfortably consider this to be one of the best free video editing software available.

Windows Movie Maker - free movie Maker

Apple imovie

To a very large extend, Apple iMovie can be compared to Windows Movie Maker. The difference being the fact that Apple iMovie operated on MAC operating systems as opposed to Movie maker which operates on Windows. The software is also loaded with many features and add-ons. However this mac video editor software is available free of charge only if you purchase a MAC system, but can be available for purchase. These is rated highly amongst the users of Mac systems.

Edit videos on Mac free

Apple imovie

This free movie maker is available to individuals using windows and also those using Mac operating system. Basically it has a capacity of editing of both video and audio. It can also undertake two streams real time effects. Overall, one can conclude that Avid FreeDiv is a good movie editor program that is kind of hard to use but once you have your hands on it or rather you have learnt how to use it is very powerful.

Edit movie for free Avid Free DV


This is high end movie maker software that has many good features. It is a high performance video editing capability. On the first instance Wax started as a college project and today it has grown extensively to be used both at home and by professional video editors. One can use the program on its own or use it with other video editing software. It also has unlimited video and audio tracks capability.

Wax- A High performance video editing software


This is a very useful free movie editing program with numerous capabilities. Its user interface looks very technical but one can get along it with so much ease. It has numerous features offering full movie editing abilities. One can use it to edit up to 256 videos, audio and even images on still clips. It can have up to 64 effects on the video all of which can be chained serially.

To conclude, windows Movie Maker and Apple iMovie are the best video editing software that one can get at absolutely no cost. They will allow you do whatever you want to do with your videos with so much ease. Avid Free DV, Wax and other might be a little complicated to a standard Windows user, but you will not run out of options.