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How To Reset Windows Password with CD/DVD or USB Flash Drive


Many times we might forget or lost Windows password or somebody had changed the password of our system. In such a situation either we have to install windows again or find a solution to reset the password so that we can log into Windows easily.

In this post, I will show you how you can reset the password on Windows easily with the help of your Flash Drive without reformatting or reinstalling your system. In this post I will use a Flash Drive of 2 GB.

Steps To Reset Windows password using Windows Password key 8:

Part 1: Install bootable Windows Password Key on CD/DVD or USB Flash Drive

  1. Download a free demo version of Windows Password Key 8.0
  2. Run the downloaded file to install Windows Password Key 8.0. Then activated Windows Password Key 8.0.
  3. Create a bootable USB Flash Drive.
  4. You can click “Browse” to browse Windows Password Key 8.0 image file. The file is usually located as the default.windows password key - iso path
  5. Select “USB Flash Drive” and insert your USB into a USB port on the computer, specify the USB Flash Drive from the pull-down list. Then Click “burn” button.windows password key - burn
  6. Windows Password Key will extracts the ISO image and copies the necessary files on a USB Flash Drive.

Once finish extracting, you can plug in your newly created USB flash drive on computer USB drive for windows password removing purpose.

Part 2: Step to remove Windows password with bootable Windows password key:

  1. Insert newly created USB Flash Drive and reboot your computer.
  2. It’s necessary to change your computer’s setup to make it boot from the USB Flash Drive. Normally we press ‘F2‘ or ‘Delete‘ or “F10” to enter your BIOS setup.
  3. Looking for a tab or menu relating to booting in the BIOS setup software’s opening screen. In this example, it’s simply called “BOOT,” and can be accessed by using the tab and/or arrow keys to highlight the word “BOOT” on the menu bar. Once there, hit enter, and you’ll see a submenu that’s specific to how the PC boots.
  4. Using the tab and/or arrow keys,select “Hard Disk Drives“, and hit “Enter”.
  5. Select the “1st Drive“, hit “Enter”.
  6. Select the “USB: your USB brand”, in the example it is “USB: Kingston DTG(2G)”, and hit “Enter” to Set the USB Flash drive as the first bootable option. bios setup
  7. When you’re done with the BIOS setup program, using the tab and/or arrow keys to navigate to the EXIT menu, select the option for saving the changes you just made, and then reboot. (In many BIOSes, a special key–often the F10 key–will save, exit, and reboot in one step.) . When your computer restarts, it will boot from the USB flash drive.

When the USB Flash Drive boots, you’ll see Windows Password Key 8.0 initializing (see screen shot below). If so, you can continue to the next step.

  1. Choose the Windows installation to be processed:windows reset password selection
  2. Choose the user whose password you want to reset by typing it’s number and pressing ‘ENTER’.windows key password reset user
  3. Type ‘y’ followed by ‘ENTER’ to reset the password.
  4. After you confirm the resetting of the password. Windows Password Key 8.0 asks: ‘Reset password for another account? (y/n)’. Type ‘y’ to reset password for another account, or ‘n’ if you are finished and want to exit. Remove the Windows Password Key 8.0 bootable CD/DVD and restart your PC.windows key password reset

Now you are able to log into your computer without a password!

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