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Increase or Boost Computer Memory With MZ Ram Booster


As Random access memory ( RAM ) is an important computer component determine the computer processing performance fast or not.  However, some of windows user even equipped with 1GB ram or 2GB on computer or laptop also can’t guarantee your computer processing is fast.

So, this memory problem occurs is due to some computer application consume a lot memory RAM or memory leaking over computer application. But, this memory problem can be resolve by using a small windows utilities call MZ Ram Booster.

MZ Ram Booster, a Windows ram optimizer utility that increase or boost up computer ram performance by auto recovering RAM and fine tuning some Windows system settings. You can have memory performance without spending on hardware tweaks and expensive applications. Plus more, it will recovers computer memory from processes that are not in use, and unload DLLs that are not used.

Beside that, MZ Ram Booster also show your computer memory related information like like RAM usage, virtual memory usage, CPU usage etc. Plus more, this memory booster utilities will hide in your system tray.

MZ Ram Booster to increase computer ram

Key Features of Mz RAM Booster:

  • System Information
  • System Tweaks
  • Cpu Control
  • Tray Icon Options
  • Mz Ram Booster Options

MZ Ram Booster is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 2000 and 2003 but require to have .Net Framework 2.0 (or a higher version to run.

Download Mz RAM Booster

Beside that, you can use other method to boost up computer memory ram performance using Windows ReadyBoost if you use Vista operating system