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Iperius Backup – Free Backup Software

Iperius Backup

Iperius Backup is another free Windows backup software that we want to introduce. This free backup software offers a lot of commercial backup features compare other backup freeware outside there. It can allow Windows user create backups from local directories, network drives or removable storage to any destination folder.

Iperius Backup


Once activate this free backup software, you can press on the wizard-based back up job configuration to specify various options in a step-by-step procedure. You first have to select the folder or file that you want to back up. Then either click Add folder or Add file from the left to select the source item. Every backup job that you create will list in the main window, where you can manually execute it from the right-click context menu. The context menu also allows to delete, edit, rename or duplicate any existing backup job.

Meanwhile, The free backup software also allows you can create a ZIP archive of the backup files and specify the user name and password to keep backup file safe from unauthorized access. In addition, you can create backup schedules to keep the wheel spinning while you’re not around your PC.

Meanwhile, you can even activating email notification option whenever any backup job has been successful performed. On the backup job email notification,  it contains details on whether the backup job was successful or failed due to an error or a system crash. You can even specify the subject (labelled as Object in the app), multiple recipients and hidden recipients (BCC) or optionally send the email to the hidden recipients only in case of backup failure. Plus more, the email notification also can be set sent email only  based on the backup size, duration or completion status.

The backup restoration process is simple to use too. You just click on “Restore” tab and then select the backup items that you want to restore and specify a directory other than the source directory from where the file was originally pulled. If your backup file is password protected, make sure to enter the correct password in the relevant field. Plus more, there is another interested features called as “Run this operation” feature that allows you to decrypt, verify, repair or open the backup ZIP file without first restoring it.

Overall, Iperius Backup is a nice free hard drive backup software for home user that wants to quickly backup and restore files by creating separate tasks and running them independently of each other.

This free backup software also works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows server 2008 and Windows 2012.

Actually Iperius backup have paid version, which it offered in several licensed versions such Cloud, Tape and Full version. Some of major features on paid version as below:

  • Drive Image (Disaster Recovery)
  • Sync backup file to cloud storage like Google Drive, SkyDrive and Dropbox.
  • Run as Windows services
  • Tape Backup

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