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Online Restore and Backup Mobile Phone Date With Mobical Mobile Data Storage


Mobical.net , an online mobile storage services that backup mobile phone data securely and allow restore mobile anytime. What Mobical.net mobile storage services offer is consider unique which they offer a a synchronization platform to backup your Contacts, Calendars, Tasks, Notes, Bookmarks, SMS over-the-air from mobile handset to Mobical.net server. Mobical.net services is done using the SyncML protocol for synchronization, which is a standard protocol in the Mobile industry supported by all major handset vendors.

To use Mobical.net mobile storage services is easy, all you need is check the compatible mobile phone that Mobical support and then install their client application on mobile phone. Once you setup the mobile synchronization application on your mobile phone. You can start synchronize your mobile date to Mobical.net server using connection type can be GPRS, 3G, Wlan etc.

On Mobical.net web portal, Mobical offer central address book function which is a database where users can share contact information and calendar information between applications. Meanwhile, you have editing tools, you can quickly modify entries, adding new contacts,
appointments, etc., or completing the information on your existing entries.

Mobical - Backup mobile data securely and remotely

Each time you connect your phone, information on all changes made are exchanged. In other words, your phone is updated with all changes made on the web, and vice versa.

Mobilca.net services is not limited to one devices only,  you can use any amount of mobiles with the same account. If you have an empty phone, that you want to move your personal data to, just configure it correctly with your credentials. When you connect it to Mobical.net, it will be allow user to restore and backup mobile data on anytime and anywhere.

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