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Free Tool to Help Your Small Business and Your Accountant

Financial PDF to Excel

Entrepreneurship can be overwhelming at times. While it is really exciting to start your own venture, the direct relationship you have with the success or failure of your business can be very stressful. Many famous entrepreneurs share the belief that a start up’s success relies heavily on the implementation of an idea, rather than just having a good idea per se. This means that completing daily tasks successfully is as imperative as having a good vision for your enterprise.

When you are faced with these daily tasks as a small business owner, you realize that you need all sorts of skills that go beyond your university degree or professional experience. For example, if you are an engineer, it is unlikely you will know accounting principles in depth, and vice versa. Similarly, if you own a small business it is unlikely that you will invest into costly CRM systems that will help you organize your files more productively.

Luckily, the digital world is full of free solutions that can help you along the way. One such solution that fits into daily needs of enterprises to organize and speed up their accounting processing time is Investintech’s free PDF to Excel online tool. As we often get invoices and bank statements in PDF format, you can use this tool to transfer financial information directly to an Excel file, rather than have your busy accountant do it manually and waste precious time.

Below is a quick 3 step tutorial how to use this online freebie:

Financial PDF to Excel

  1. Check out the left side of the web page, where you will see a Select File button. Choose a the PDF file you need converted quickly, and press OK.
  2. Insert your email address, so you can have the converted file sent to your inbox.
  3. Press Start button in green, to start your conversion.

Converting PDF to Excel with this tool should not take more than ten minutes, but that largely depends on website traffic and the number of conversions in queue. As a bonus tip, make sure to also check your Junk folder, in case your spam filter marked it as unsolicited email.

One more thing worth mentioning is that in order to protect your privacy, Investintech does not keep your file on its servers for more than 24 hours. So you should make sure to download your Excel file within that time period. In case you forget, don’t worry, you can use this tool an unlimited number of times, and repeat the whole process.

Hope this was of help. Please share with us your favourite free accounting tools for small businesses in the comments section below!