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Partition Logic – Bootable Hard Disk Partition CD


Partition Logic, a bootable hard disk partitioning and data management tools that allow you to create, delete, format and move partitions and modify their attributes. You can bootable either using Live CD or a floppy disk and runs as a standalone hard disk partition system to partition computer hard drive. Meanwhile, Partition logic has hard disk clone ability to clone entire hard disks data onto another hard disk.

partition logic

How to create bootable hard disk partition CD:

1. Download Partition Logic ISO Images first, As Partition Logic is distributed as a compressed ‘zip’ file. The zip file contains just the CD image with an .iso file extension.

2. After unzipping the ISO files, then burning ISO Images as a bootable CD using burning software.

Beside that, Partition Logic also create bootable partition floppy disk which able written directly to a 1.44 MB floppy disk.  However, Windows users will need a program such as RawWrite (203K) to create the disk.  Linux/UNIX users can use the built-in ‘cat’ or ‘dd’ commands.

So, Partition Logic is definitely another partition solution to partition hard disk or clone hard disk data from bootable.

Download Partition Logic – Bootable Partition Hard Disk CD