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PC Game Booster Software – Boost PC Game Performance


PC Game Booster Software, a windows gaming software that able to boost your PC gaming performance instantly with few optimizations to the system. This PC game booster is extremely useful for those averages gaming hardware computer to improve gaming experience during playing modern PC game.

Most of the time, we will experiences PC Game runs slowly or gives a lag even if system requirements are met. This is basically due to other applications running on the system. So, I have gathered some game booster software that optimizes your gaming performance over your computer.

Most of these PC game booster software will perform several game boosting optimizations such as turning off all unnecessary features of windows that are not required while playing games, which help optimize your PC for smoother, more responsive game play in the latest PC games.

PC Game Booster Software list:

iOBit game booster

gamebooster boost gaming performance

Game booster functionality is simple. In order to get more performance while gaming, it will temporarily shutting down background processes, cleaning RAM, and intensifying processor performance while running a game. Once the gaming session is finish, your PC performance will backs to normal process.

Game Fire

Game Fire Boost PC Game Performance

Game Fire is a windows freeware application meant to boost system performance by turning windows features like visual effects, networking, turning off firewall, limiting printer service and limiting all other applications that take up system power at background.

Game Accelerator


Game Accelerator will temporarily closing down unnecessary services, unloading unused data from RAM, thus increasing CPU`s performance (assigning more CPU power to game).

If you know other gaming booster software should includes on the above list. Let us know and share with others.