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QTParted – Linux Partition Magic


QTParted is Partition Magic clone on Linux distribution. QTParted utility is more similar with Partition Magic software. So , you might find QTParted easy to use since you already familiar with Partition Magic.

QtParted utility supports FAT32, NTFS, HFS, ext2, ext3 file systems. now you can resize your partitions, create, shrink, expand and more partition to install another operating system without losing your data.

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How to use QTParted utility without install knoppix operating system.

Since QTParted come with knoppix live CD, you just need to burn a bootable knoppix CD.

After Knoppix boots (type knoppix at the boot prompt), start at the large letter K at bottom left.

Select K | System | QTParted to launch the utility. The main window is split into left and right panes. The left lists any hard drives that QTParted detects.

Click the drive you want to edit, and QTParted will scan it for partition information, displaying the details in the right pane.

You can re-size the partitions (choose Resize options), create a new partition. The tool will write the changes to the drive only after you select File | Commit.

After QTParted finished repartitioning your hard drive, click on the K menu, and select restart. Remove your Knoppix CD and that’s all.

ScreenShot of QTParted

QTParted Software

Me prefer more on open source software because no pay for a commercial license. since this QTParted is supporting Windows and linux file format. i found out is more convince compare to Partition Magic. meanwhile, the partition utility can be booted up when loading Linux OS bundle with QTParted
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