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Remove Stored username and password on Windows Vista


By default, Windows Vista OS will automatically stored vista account information on hard disk for security purpose. However, you feel unprotected sharing the windows vista if your vista computer sell to other person parties. Perhaps other person will illegal use some of the application that already stored user name and password. Here is some tips which you can quickly remove all all stored passwords and account information.

To remove, backup or edit these stored credentials just go to START, type Control keymgr.dll, then hit ENTER. (see figure 1)


Key Manager on vista
Figure 1: type Control keymgr.dll and hit ENTERThe Window Stored Usernames and Passwords opens, this is we’re you can edit, backup or remove them easily. (see figure 2)

Stored username and password on vista

Figure 2: The Window Stored Usernames and PasswordsBeside that, You can even backups your windows stored and password on windows vista and then stored at your newly windows vista.