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Remove Flamer Virus (Trojan.Flamer.A) with BitDefender Flamer Removal Tool

Flamer malware removal

BitDefender security researchers have detected a new malware “Flamer” (Flamer.A), which a dangerous and advanced data thief malware can opens a back door and may steal information from the compromised computer and not to attack industrial processes.. This is a very discrete type of Trojan that sometimes isn’t detected by regular antivirus software.

Once your Windows computer infected with Flamer Virus, this advanced malware can siphon or steal your data, copy passwords, record voice conversations, create screen captures, and even probe Bluetooth devices that are in the range of the Bluetooth card of the infected computer. Besides that, Flamer malware is a well-designed platform including, among other things, a Web server, a database server, and secure shell communications. It includes a scripting interpreter which allows the attackers to easily deploy updated functionality through various scripts. These scripts are split up into ‘apps’ and the attackers even appear to have something equivalent to an ‘app store’ from where they can retrieve new apps containing malicious functionality.

Meanwhile, Flamer even minimizes the risk of getting caught red-handed, the Trojan establishes an encrypted connection with the server and sends everything in encrypted form. Even system administrators were inspecting the network traffic, they would not realize that their precious data is being leaked outside.

Even your computer doesn’t have internet connection, it also dumps data on flash drives connected to the PC and hide the steal on the USB drive, as “.” (dot) extension to eliminate the chance of being detected. Once the flash drive is plugged into a computer connected to the Web, a component of the Trojan would send the contents of the “dot” file to the attackers.

Flamer malware removal

Based on BitDefender security researcher said, Flamer malware is similar to Stuxnet or Duqu, but much more advanced than they are and it was built using a variety of technologies ranging from LUA scripting to assembly language. At this moment, Flamer malware is actively infected across Middle East Countries (Iran, Israel, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, etc). Hopefully this malware doesn’t spread worldwide Windows machines actively.

However, Bitdefender has released a standalone Flamer removal tool for both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows. You can utilize this Flamer malware detector tool to find out whether your computer is infected with Flamer malware (Trojan.Flamer.A/B) and remove it from your computer.


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