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Send Free Fax On Mac OSX With FaxZero

Free Mac Send Fax - Faxzero

Searching ways to send free fax on Mac platform. Here is a wonderful Mac widget from Faxzero.com’s free fax service to allow you sending faxes instantly on Mac OSX.

Overall Faxzero is an online fax service that allow user send free fax to any fax machine around USA and Canada. This online fax services don’t need a fax machine, but all you need is a valid e-mail address only and there is no registration required.

But their FaxZero Mac Widget is another way to send free fax without accessing their online fax services page. All you need install their FaxZero mac widget. Then you can start send free fax.

Free Mac Send Fax - Faxzero

The entire Mac sending free fax process is pretty simple. All you need is type the fax recipient information for your fax (name, fax number) and a short message. Once pressing ” Send A Fax” button on the widget, it will submit the data to FaxZero.com and send your fax for free.

This mac widget operation is pretty similar like Faxzero.com online free fax services. The only things lacking is Fax a .DOC, .DOCX, or .PDF file features. Besides that, FaxZero is supported by ads that displayed on the cover pages of the free faxes you send.

If you want to attachment files on the fax, you will recommending you go their website. Besides that, this free mac fax services is limited to send fax to US and Canada countries only.

I have tested the free fax services, which is the fax document arrived quickly and with a very crisp and clear resolution output.

Download Mac Free Send Fax Widget – Faxzero